Producer Red explains why it’s the perfect entry point for new fans

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The 15th film is a new opportunity to introduce viewers to Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates. One Piece has long been a daunting task for anime newbies as they have to deal with over 100 manga volumes and 1,000 episodes of the series.


These details have become an important part of Shimizu’s “red” pitch, especially given how much the younger generation is influencing continued popularity. “…Viewers in a younger demographic may know about One Piece, but they don’t fully know the show and don’t have the opportunity to fall in love with its characters,” Shimizu said. Comic. “I would say that this new film is a chance for a new, younger audience to find a common ground with the franchise.”

Director Taniguchi has his own opinion about a long-running anime. In a Japanese interview, he talked about what he hoped for in Red: and why he wanted to break the “conventions” of the series. Among his opinions was the feeling that the anime itself ran too long. While the director had been approached earlier to direct, now seemed like the right time to present something different (via epicstream).

One Piece Film: Red is also coming out at an important time for the property. Creator Eiichiro Oda has announced that the manga itself will be completed in four to five years (in Crispy roll). Oda recently added a month-long summer break before moving on to the final saga (via @newworldartur/Twitter). Shimizu himself knows how important this is to Oda and the animation team. “Oda-san himself has very high expectations for everything he does. So, now that the manga is approaching its final arc, it’s going to be really interesting,” he said during the speech. TSB RF interview.

As of 2022, no additional films have been announced, and it looks like it will stay that way until the final saga begins. Oda’s announcement also means that the anime’s run may end due to a lack of new source material. For those who dread the constant reminders of new episodes, a clear ending can also give you the resolve to finally search the Grand Line.


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