Princess Charlotte Called a ‘Spoiled Brat’

Princess Charlotte celebrated her 7th birthday this year, and fans weren’t totally impressed with her birthday present.

Princess Charlotte turned a year older on May 2, and while the celebrations at the royal family’s Anmer Hall country home in Norfolk were grand, people had some mixed reactions to the gift she received…

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Now, the British royal family is one of the most famous families in the world.

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Yes, even More Famous for our beloved Kardashians.

And there are always some family members who are warm to most people.

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, or William and Kate, as we know them best, are firm favorites of the younger, more modern monarchy.

After their lavish and highly documented royal wedding in 2011, Wills and Kate became the center of media attention.

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and we even now Can’t get enough of them.


Their story is so sweet…

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William, son of Prince Charles and in line to the throne, met Kate in 2001 at the University of St Andrews in Scotland.


And then, 9 years after meeting each other, something incredible happened.

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Their engagement was announced in 2010.

And just 3 years later, a new edition was welcomed into the royal family.

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In July 2013, Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge was born, third in line to the British throne.

Kate stepped out of St Mary’s Hospital in London in a blue polka dot dress, which many saw as a fitting tribute to Princess Diana, who herself wore a similar polka dot dress some thirty-one years earlier.

Oh, but their family didn’t stop growing there.

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Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana was born in May 2015, just 2 years after her older brother.


Princess Charlotte became the first female royal to retain her claim to the throne despite having a younger brother.

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Before the Succession to the Crown Act 2013, the birth of a son meant he would leapfrog any older daughters in the line of succession.

But, Princess Charlotte has not been ruled out by gender.

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Therefore, Prince Louis is fifth in line to the throne, while Charlotte is fourth in line behind her older brother, Prince George.


And we think that’s why everyone loves Prince William and the stunning Kate.

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Because they are indeed paving the way for a more modern monarchy.

I mean us All Remember the famous pictures of Kate in her student fashion show.

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Since becoming a duchess, Kate’s style has evolved into something unparalleled.

But that’s not all, they’ve both grown into their roles as heads of the royal family…

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And even in difficult times over the past few years, they have shown true decorum in their actions.

It hasn’t been easy for Kate and William, especially after Harry and Meghan left the royal family.

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But through it all, he continues undeterred, and his fans have supported him all the way.

The relationship between Prince Harry and Prince William is still very strained…

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And the distance between the 2 brothers doesn’t work.

They briefly put their differences aside for big family moments, like Prince Philip’s funeral…

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Or when they reunited this summer to unveil a memorial statue honoring their late mother, Princess Diana.

But their relationship does not seem to have improved.

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A tweet from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge suggested there was a rift behind their…

“Happy Birthday Prince Harry!” Pair wrote On your social media account…

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With a heartwarming photo of Harry.

Although their message was short and sweet, fans seem to be enjoying the royal couple’s high-class status despite recent family feuds.

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And now, Will and Kate’s youngest son has stolen the spotlight.

It was Prince Louis’ birthday on Friday, April 22, and Kensington Palace shared some adorable photos that Kate took…

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As we know, Kate loves photography and often takes official photos of her children on their birthdays.

But these 4 new portraits of Louis on the beach in a gray sweater, shirt and shorts have left many people commenting on the resemblance between him and his father.

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A Facebook user wrote: “Prince Louis looks just like his daddy. I have to say he looks a bit cheeky. William and Kate would be very proud of him.

It’s the first time Louis has been seen since Cambridge’s 2021 holiday card, as the royals have taken a step back since the pandemic.

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In an interview with BBC Breakfast Back in 2020, Kate revealed: “Louis doesn’t understand social distancing. He wants to hug anything, especially babies younger than him.”

You can check the images. Here.

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Do you think he looks like Prince William?

And recently it was Princess Charlotte’s turn to redeem. All On her birthday her loving parents’ attention…

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She is a princess after all.

On the happy occasion, Kate shared. New pictures of the princess, in which well-wishers also got a glimpse of the royal family’s dog…

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And the gift she received caused quite a stir on social media as people couldn’t believe it.

“Isn’t it nice to be a princess, aristocratic and rich,” one person wrote.

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And it’s the unfiltered responses that got caught. our most attention.

“Spoiled boy,” wrote another.

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But what could have prompted people to write such responses?

Well let’s take a look, shall we?

According to We weeklyKate and William held 2 birthday parties for the princess.

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He wanted to make it “extra special” because his previous 2 birthdays had been “low key” due to the pandemic.

So Kate and Will gather the whole family at their country house and fill it with balloons.

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But that’s not all, Kate took matters into her own hands and decided to cook all the food herself.

The menu was full of kids’ party favorites, including “mini pizzas, burgers, sausage rolls, hot dogs, fruit sandwiches, sandwiches, multi-colored cupcakes, and ice cream.” revealed.

And the second birthday party was held at Kensington Palace and all of Charlotte’s classmates were invited.

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According to Women’s healthCharlotte “loved to be the center of attention at all times.”

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“One of her biggest passions is language,” the source told the media outlet, adding that Spanish is her favorite.

But what exactly did the princess get for her birthday?

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Princess Charlotte reportedly loves horseback riding, so you can guess what she got as a gift.

Yes, he gave her a lot of gifts own pony…

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A source revealed That Princess Charlotte was “taking riding lessons” and was “obsessed with it” – so Kate and William agreed to buy it.

Well isn’t this just the perfect birthday gift for a princess?

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