Prince Harry’s ITV teaser reveals details of Princess Diana’s nightmare for William and Kate

If there are three words that should strike fear into the heart of the royal family, aside from “gluten-free shortbread,” “non-alcoholic gin,” and “dance performance,” it must be “rough, unwavering honesty.” “.

This is what Penguin Random House has promised readers will get from Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, with a former army captain turned semi-professional disgruntled and without irony purveyor of “truth” who has written a memoir. (Or at least sometimes he was allowed to hold a pen while ghostwriter J.R. Mohringer went to make himself a cup of tea.)


We got our first little taste of that “honesty” on Tuesday when two trailers of two confusingly similar interviews – with British ITV and American 60 minutes – to promote the book were released. The bottom line is that King Charles, Prince William, the Firm and the Brits all seem poised for another hearty feed for the cameras.

However, what has gone unnoticed in the meager details we have of the book is the emphatically titled Spareis something much more controversial, much more shocking and potentially much more painful for the Prince of Wales – the events surrounding the death of their mother Diana, Princess of Wales.

Over the past 24 hours, evidence has emerged pointing to Spare can not only offer Harry’s “honesty” about the dramatic breakup within the royal family in recent years, or the drama that led to the historic departure of the Sussexes to greener pastures (and all those dollars) in early 2020, but could also explore the “circumstances” of the death Diana.


First, ITV released a statement advertising the channel’s meeting with Harry, and it was hidden that, among other things, the TV chat would include “never heard details related to the death of his mother Diana”.


Then, secondly, on Wednesday daily mail Sue Reid has revealed that Harry’s book researchers seem to be investigating the accident in Paris that claimed Diana’s life. Reid writes that they “contacted many of those who remember – or were otherwise connected to – the accident in the Pont de l’Alma road tunnel. These include witnesses, the French police who were present at the scene, and journalists, including myself, who investigated in great detail how and why Diana died.”

(Note: Does the very nature of autobiography negate the need for researchers?)


In Reed’s words, “Harry seems to be sure to touch on issues relating to the dark circumstances of his mother’s death.”

Keep in mind that two police investigations in France and the UK, as well as an investigation in London, came to the same conclusion about that tragic night in Paris – that a combination of alcohol, paparazzi and circumstances led to an accident that claimed lives. life of the princess, her boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed and driver Henri Paul.

But an ITV statement and a revelation by researcher Reid suggest that the Duke might not have simply written about the devastating loss of his mother in Spare but perhaps also explore the events that led to it.

And this is terrible news for William and Kate, the Prince and Princess of Wales.


Over the past year, Harry has repeatedly bet on his mother’s legacy, telling People in April: “I honor my mother in everything I do. I’m my mother’s son,” and then last month’s The Sussexes on Netflix said, “My mom made most, if not all, of her decisions from the heart. And I am my mother’s son.”

If in the current reboot of the 1990s War of Wales, William was given the role of Charles, a dutiful regal infantryman who threw his lot in with the crown, then Harry seems to have presented himself as Diana today, a man driven by passion and ready to speak openly about the supposed sins of Buckingham Palace.


This extended to Harry’s willingness to repeatedly expose his pain over the loss of their mother at such a young age, such as saying “there’s a lot of grief yet to be released” in 2017, as opposed to the fact that we only managed to catch a glimpse of William’s suffering.

More recently, after the passing of Queen Elizabeth, a 40-year-old man told a member of the public during a walk to greet the mourners outside Windsor Castle that it was a “difficult” time and reminded him of his mother’s funeral. Time reported that when one well-wisher “told the emotional prince she was close to tears”, he replied, “Don’t cry now – you’ll turn me on.”

But just because we have one brother who is more willing to talk about the loss in public and another who mostly mourned in private, it doesn’t detract from the toll that unearthing the princess’s death can inflict on William.

In May 2021, William released a highly unusual video statement following the results of a Dyson investigation that the BBC’s Martin Bashir had lied to get Diana to agree to her 1995. Panorama interview and went on to make his position clear – in his opinion, it should never be aired again.

And yet there was something else in the recent Sussex series from Netflix, if not clips from the same Panorama interview, a move that infuriated and frustrated William, Mail reported at the time.

If Harry is going to reopen the wounds associated with their mother’s death, then it will deal a double whammy to the future king, who will most likely come in for a new papering.

A report from London earlier this week revealed that, according to a “knowledgeable source” Sparethe elder prince is depicted in the harshest light.

“William in particular is having a hard time and even Kate is getting some criticism,” the source said. “There are these minute details and the description of the fight between the brothers. Personally, I don’t see how Harry and William can reconcile after this.”

(Of course, this came after Harry accused William of “screaming and yelling” at him during the Sandringham summit, and of his aides “leaking” stories to the press in the Netflix series about the Sussexes. )

For Kate, right now, watching her former close brother-in-law on the cusp of another attack, and not only with her husband reportedly in his sight, but also with her, must be a particularly poignant experience, not least because there is nothing they can do.

Unlike Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah, when we received the now iconic statement that “memories may differ”, so far Buckingham and Kensington Palace have studiously refused to comment on the Sussexes’ claims, instead adopting a categorical statement. just continuing with the gv’nor approach.

However, this public stoicism and determination are opposed Telegraph Camilla Tomini recently reported that Wales has been “ravaged” by the Sussexes’ brick bats, and the situation is made worse by the fact that the late Queen’s death is only months away.

From the way things are today, William and Kate may have more discomfort and sadness.

Late last year a friend of Wales told daily beast: “The brothers were so close, they had such an incredible bond. It’s impossible to really express what a huge, terrible, constant headache this has been for William in the last few years.”

Currently? This “headache” can get much, much worse.

Daniela Elser is a writer and royal commentator with over 15 years of experience working with a range of leading Australian media outlets.

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