Prince Harry’s book: The Duke of Sussex claims Charles played a joke on Diana’s ‘heir and superfluous’

Prince Harry claims his father played a rude joke on his mother Diana the day she gave birth to her second son.

The Duke of Sussex claimed that the then Prince of Wales told Diana on Harry’s birthday: “Great! Now you have given me an heir and an extra – my job is done.


He made the claim in an excerpt from his new book Spare, explaining the title of an autobiography that was like a bombshell.

This isn’t the only time Charles is mentioned in a new book due out next week, but it ended up in The Guardian’s hands a few days early.

Harry also details the meeting he had with his father and brother Prince William after Prince Philip’s funeral in April 2021.


The Duke of Sussex claims that Charles stood between his two sons, “looking at our flushed faces”, and begged them: “Please, boys, do not make my last years into misery.”


The outlet also shared an excerpt detailing perhaps Harry’s most explosive allegation to date: that William physically abused him during an argument over his wife, Meghan Markle.

After “hot” William reportedly ran into him at his house due to her “rude” behavior in 2019, Harry claims he tried to calm his brother down but he “attacked” him.


“He put on the water, called me by a different name, and then came up to me. Everything happened so fast. So very fast. He grabbed me by the collar, tore my necklace and threw me to the floor,” wrote Harry.

“I landed on a dog bowl that cracked under my back, the pieces pierced me. I lay there for a while, dazed, then got up and told him to get out.”

These early eye-popping revelations in the yet-to-be-released book are just the latest in a string of high-profile announcements from Harry and Meghan that began after they stepped down from royal duties and settled with their family in California.

In their latest revelation, the Netflix documentary series Harry & Meghan, Harry lifted the lid on his “terrifying” confrontation with Charles and William during the infamous “Sandringham Summit” in 2020, in which he hinted at his brother’s character.


“I came up with the same offer that we had already made publicly, but as soon as we received it, I was presented with five options: one – everything, no changes; five being, all. At the meeting, I chose the third option: half in, half out. Have your own job, but also work in support of the queen. But very quickly it became clear that this goal was non-negotiable or negotiable,” said Harry.

“It was very scary that my brother [Prince William] scream and shout at me and my father [then-Prince Charles] saying things that just weren’t true – and my grandma sits quietly and sort of takes it all in.”


The Duke of Sussex went even further, describing how his brother’s press office released a joint statement on their behalf without consulting him first, which debunked reports that William was “bullying” Harry.

“One day I got into the car, after [Sandringham] At the meeting, I was told about a joint statement that was released on my behalf and on behalf of my brother, refuting the story that he bullied us from the family, ”he said in the Netflix series.

He was referring to a newspaper article published at the time that claimed that William was “bullying” Harry and Meghan, causing them to be “pushed away” from the royal family.

A rebuttal statement released on 13 January read: “Despite the apparent denials, a false story was published in a British newspaper today that talked about a relationship between the Duke of Sussex and the Duke of Cambridge.

“For brothers who care so deeply about mental health issues, this use of inflammatory language is offensive and potentially harmful.”

Harry admitted that he “couldn’t believe it” when he read the statement, which was apparently signed by himself.

“Nobody asked me. No one asked me for permission to put my name on such a statement. And I called [Meghan] and I told her, and she burst into tears,” he said.

“Because for four hours they were happy to lie to protect my brother, and yet for three years they never wanted to tell the truth to protect us.”

Despite the allegations, Harry admitted in an interview ahead of the release of his book that he is still open to reconciliation with his brother and father.

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