Prince Harry reveals Prince William was furious over his beard on his wedding day

Prince Harry has revealed how his decision not to shave off his signature beard on his wedding day drove an even bigger wedge between him and Prince William.

In The Duke of Sussex’s ITV interview with Tom Bradby that aired on Monday morning, the 38-year-old detailed several factors behind his much publicized estrangement from his older brother.


And in what will likely surprise royal fans, Harry stated that the couple share a years-long “sibling rivalry” and have not always been as close as the public thought.

He also claimed that William “didn’t want anything to do with me” when they were teenagers at Eton College together.

Bradby, who has known Harry for 20 years, said he feels Harry’s “deep love” for his brother in the memoir. Spare, which is officially released on January 10 but has already been leaked.


Harry replied, “Love… But also separation, which I think will really surprise people.


“We grew up, and my mother dressed us in the same clothes. William didn’t like it, I thought it was pretty funny.

He added, “The rivalry between older and younger siblings is only now becoming real to me. For example, I talk about the relationship between me and William at Eton, and he does not want to know me.


This “rivalry” continued into adulthood and came to a head when William, 40, was reportedly furious that the Queen allowed Harry to keep his beard at his 2018 wedding when William was told to shave off his beard at his 2011 wedding to Kate Middleton.

“Writing this [book], I remembered that William himself had a beard, and his grandmother told him that he should shave it off. The difference for me was this beard that I still have. [today], seemed to me at the time the “New Harry”. Like a shield for my anxiety. It was the time of my life when I grew a beard.

“And I think it was hard for William that other people told him to shave off his hair, and yet I was here on my wedding day…

“I said, ‘Well, I don’t believe Meghan will recognize me if I’m beardless.’ And I would feel different without a beard.”


Further clarifying this incident in his memoirs, Harry wrote: “At some point he [William] in fact ordered me, as the “heir”, speaking with the “reserve”, to shave.

“He hated the thought of me enjoying a privilege that had been denied him.”


Bradby’s incredible 90-minute interview with Harry marked the first time the Duke has been questioned following his many public accusations against the royal family since moving to the US in early 2020.

When asked by a British journalist if he wanted to say anything directly to William, Harry said he was “not going to share” that personal information, but added that he didn’t think his brother or father, King Charles III, would read the book.

“I really hope they do, but I don’t think they will,” said Harry. “As for this interview, I don’t know if they watch it or not. [But] what they have to tell me will be kept confidential, and I hope it stays that way.

“[William] would probably say all sorts of different things. [But] the level of landing and leakage means that, in my opinion, they have written countless books.”

Harry also said that he believes there is a “100 percent” chance of reconciliation with his family in the future, but up to this point “they have not shown any willingness to reconcile”.

When Bradby asked Harry how this was possible, given the extraordinary personal details in his memoir, Harry said, “I’m not sure how honesty burns bridges.”

He added: “Silence only allows the abuser to abuse. So I don’t know how silence will improve the situation.

“That’s really what I believe in.”

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