Prince Harry hasn’t spoken to Prince William and King Charles in a long time

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Ready to reconcile? Prince Harry opened up about where he stands with Prince William and King Charles III after dispersing amid his royal departure.

“Currently no [we are not in touch]— said the 38-year-old Duke of Sussex. Anderson Cooper during 60 minutes interview on Sunday, January 8th. “But I’m looking forward to — I’m looking forward to when we can find peace.”


Harry noted that he did not communicate with his family members “for a long time” after his move to the US with Meghan Markle. “Not lately,” he said, before adding that he feels “the ball is on their side.”

BetterUp’s CIO says he’s open to the idea of ​​building relationships with William, 40, and Charles, 74.


“Meghan and I kept saying that we would openly apologize for everything we did wrong, but every time we ask this question, no one tells us the details or anything,” he explained. “We need a constructive conversation that can take place in private and not leak. It all started with them lying against my wife every day, to the point that my wife and I had to flee my country.”


The British native, who announced his decision to leave the royal family in 2020, blamed the British press for the disconnect.

“We would probably still be a pretty dysfunctional family like so many others. But at the heart of it all, without a doubt, is the family,” he continued. “I’m really looking forward to the return of this family element. I am looking forward to a relationship with my brother. I look forward to a relationship with my father and other members of my family.”


Harry has been candid about the rift between him and his loved ones since his departure. While filming his Netflix documentary with Meghan, 41, Harry said he didn’t expect William and Charles to work out their issues.

“I had to come to terms with the fact that we will probably never get real accountability or a real apology. My wife and I are moving on. We’re focused on what’s next,” he detailed in a December 2022 episode.

Harry admitted at the time that he missed parts of his life abroad. “I miss the weird family get-togethers where we all sort of get together under the same roof at certain times of the year – which I miss. Being part of an institution meant I was in the UK so I miss the UK, I miss my friends,” he said in an interview. Harry and Megan doc. “I also lost a few friends in the process.”

Harry concluded, “I mean, I came here because I have changed. I have changed to the point that I have outgrown my surroundings. So it was the most obvious place to go. You know, this is one of the places where I think my mom will probably end up living.


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