Prince Harry has lost friends due to leaving the royal family and misses family parties

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His new reality. Prince Harry spoke about missing friends and family members after moving to the United States and leaving his position as a high-ranking member of the royal family.


“I miss having weird family gatherings where we all sort of get together under the same roof, you know, at certain times of the year – I miss that. Being part of an institution meant I was in the UK so I miss the UK. [and] I miss my friends,” Harry, 38, shared during episode 6 of the Netflix documentary series. Harry and Meganwhich aired on Thursday, December 15.

The Duke of Suss*x continued: “I also lost a few friends in the process. … I mean, I came [to California] because I have been changed. I have changed to the point that I have outgrown my surroundings. So it was the most obvious place to go. You know, this is one of the places where I think my mom, [Princess Diana]likely to eventually live potentially.”


Harry and Megan focuses on Spare the author and his new life in the USA with his wife Meghan Markle and their two children: son Archie, 3 years old, and daughter Lilibet, 18 months old. While Harry admits he missed out on some aspects of his royal role, the series also explores the reasons for his and Meghan’s departure.


“Because of being born into this position and everything else that comes with it and the level of hatred that has been raised over the last three years – especially against my wife and my son – I am generally concerned about safety. my family,” he said during the first episode, which aired on December 8 along with episodes 2 and 3. “It’s about duty and service. I feel like a part of this family, my duty is to expose this exploitation and bribery.” it happens in our media.”

In episode 6, an Eton alumnus gave an example of how he felt his royal persona had negatively impacted Meghan, 41, as he reflected on the loss of pregnancy she experienced before the couple welcomed their daughter in June 2021 of the year.


“I believe that my wife had a m*scarriage due to the fact that Mail did. I watched it all,” he said, referring to his wife’s lawsuit against the UK. Mail on Sunday after the publication published her personal letter to her father Thomas Markle in February 2019.

Harry continued, “Now we know for sure that the m*scarriage was created [or] caused by this? [Of] of course not, but given the stress it caused, the lack of sleep, and the timing of the pregnancy [and] how many weeks old she was, I can tell from what I saw, this m*scarriage was caused by what they were trying to do to her.”

Prince Harry reveals he's lost friends after leaving the royal family, reveals what he's missing from the family

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at a Reception with Friends and Family, Invictus Games 5th Edition, April 2022. Shutterstock

The former RAF squadron commander also recalled the royal family’s initial reaction to his decision to step down from top royal duties.


“[I] came in with the same offer we had already made publicly [about stepping down as senior working members]. But once I got there, I was given five options,” the Duke explained, recalling meeting his family in January 2020 at Sandringham House, noting that Suits alums were not invited. “One at full strength, no changes. Five out. At the meeting, I chose the third option. Half inside, half outside.”

The Archewell co-founder continued: “It was terrible that my brother, [Prince William]scream and shout at me and at my father, [King Charles III]saying things that just weren’t true and my grandma [Queen Elizabeth II] just sit there quietly and kind of take it all in.”


Harry noted that he does not blame the Queen, who died in September at the age of 96, for her silence at the time. “You have to understand that – from a family’s point of view – especially from her point of view, there are ways to do things, and her highest mission, goal, minimum responsibility is an institution,” he explained.

BetterUp’s CIO added that the “sadest part” of the fallout from his decision was the “wedge” formed between him and William, 40, who is now first in line to the British throne.

“Part of it, I understand. I understand, right? This is his legacy. So to some extent it is already ingrained in him that part of his responsibility is the vitality and continued existence of this institution, ”he said.

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