Prince Harry doesn’t believe he’s ‘burning bridges’ with memoirs

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Speaking your truth. Prince Harry realized how open his Spare might affect his family in England – and why it didn’t play a role in his decision to write the book.

“I don’t understand how honesty burns bridges,” said Harry, 38, during an interview with ITV broadcast in the UK on Sunday 8 January. “I don’t know how silence can improve the situation. “.


The Duke of Sussex announced that he decided to publish his memoirs, which are published on Tuesday, January 10, in order to finally put everything in its place about his upbringing, relationship with Meghan Markle and more.

“[After] 38 years of my story being told by so many different people with deliberate twisting and twisting, [I] felt like [this was] a good time to own your story and be able to tell it yourself,” the prince explained on Sunday. “I don’t think if I was still part of the Institution I would have been given that chance.”

The Archewell co-founder, who stepped down from his royal duties in 2020, added: “I’m really, really grateful that I had the opportunity to tell my story because it’s my story.”


When it comes to his strained relationship with his family, especially King Charles III and Prince WilliamHarry insisted that the book was not meant to “hurt or harm them”.


He stated that “the truth is what I need to rely on,” so he shared personal stories that may not always present his 74-year-old father and 40-year-old brother in the best light.


While Harry criticized William in the book for allegedly calling his 41-year-old wife “rude” after their 2018 wedding and detailing his difficult relationship with the king, the Invictus Games founder said on Sunday that his main the problem has always been related to the involvement of the royal family. with the British press.

“My problem has never been with the monarchy or the concept of monarchy,” he told the host. Tom Bradby. “It was with the press and the sick relationship that developed between [the press] and the palace.”

Harry claimed that his family “tried to control” the British tabloids for many years and are still “trying to control”. Throughout the quest to steer the narrative, the former military pilot has claimed false stories about him and Meghan, as well as their children, Archie, 3, and Lily, 19 months, have been leaked.

He also claimed that “certain members” of the royal family “decided to go to bed with the devil to rehabilitate their image” over the years.


At the same time, BetterUp’s CIO insisted that he was “100 percent” ready to forgive Charles and William.

“I am sitting here now in front of you and asking for a family,” he concluded. “Not an institution. I want a family. And I understand how difficult it can be for them to separate these two things, but for me, everything I have seen and experienced over the years must be a separation.


Spare hits bookshelves on Tuesday, January 10th.

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