Prince Harry ‘crossed red line’ Charles after attacking Camilla in reserve

Prince Harry has stunned viewers with surprising attacks on his stepmother Camilla, calling her a ‘villain’ who left ‘bodies in the street’.

The Duke said she was ruthless in her quest to marry her husband Charles and the crown, reports Sun.


In an interview broadcast in Australia on Monday, American journalist Anderson Cooper asked Harry about one passage from his biography: Sparewhere he reportedly wrote about being “sacrificed” on Camille’s “personal PR altar”.

This comment, attacking the monarch’s wife, is said to have “crossed Charles’s red line”.

Attacks on the 75-year-old queen consort could now jeopardize Harry and Meghan’s invitation to the coronation in four months.


They are also fueling growing calls for the duke and duchess pair to be stripped.


In an interview broadcast on American 60 minutesHarry described Camille as the “villain” in his parents’ marriage.

“She (Camilla) was the third person in their marriage. She needed to rehabilitate her image,” he said.


In his book, Harry wrote that Camille was “dangerous” as she tried to get better press coverage.

He said 60 minutes: “It made her dangerous because of the connections she made in the British press.

“And there was an open willingness on both sides to exchange information.

“With both a family built on hierarchy and her on her way to becoming a queen consort, it had to leave people or bodies on the street because of it.”


Harry accused Camille of being “in bed with the devil” and claimed – erroneously according to sources – that she had leaked information about her first meeting with William.

The Duke has already stunned the palace by writing that he and older brother William are “begging” their father not to marry Camille – and accusing her of leaking stories.


Camille, 75, and Charles, 74, were at Balmoral on Sunday evening when the TV interview was broadcast.

An insider said: “Harry spared his father, but that’s of very little value to Charles because he pursued Camilla.

“His wife was his red line and Harry knew that even before he sat down for these interviews. Some of the allegations of information leakage do not stand up to scrutiny, since Camilla is not to blame for the leak of information about her meeting with William.

“The palace staff is incredibly loyal to Camille and it will fall like a lead ball.”

The royal family was cheered for not responding to Harry’s criticism.

Sources also said that the king can’t fight back because Harry keeps changing his story.

Speaking about Camille in another pre-recorded interview, he said good morning america: “We have not spoken for a long time”.

He added, “You know that I love every member of my family despite their differences, so when I see her, we get along just fine. She’s my stepmother, I don’t look at her like an evil stepmother

“I see a woman who married this institution and did her best to improve her reputation and image. For her own sake.

Almost a year ago, Queen Elizabeth II said her “sincere wish” was for Camilla to assume the title of queen consort after her death.

But Harry said he has “great compassion” for Camille, especially the fact that she’s the “third person” in his parents’ marriage.

Harry also revealed that he “doesn’t write” to William, and of Charles, he said, “We haven’t talked in a while.”

And he has stated that he and Meghan, 41, will never return to the UK and become working members of the royal family.

He said good morning america: “I don’t think it will ever be possible. I don’t think that even if there was an agreement or arrangement between me and my family, there is a third party that will do everything possible to make sure that it is impossible – not to prevent us from returning, but to do so. inanimate.”

On 60 minutesCooper asked Harry, given his dislike of the monarchy, why he and Meghan didn’t simply renounce their titles.

The Duke replied, “What’s the difference?”

Sun understands that stripping the couple of their titles is currently unlikely.

Christina Chiriacou, Charles’s former public relations secretary, said: “I think the royal family’s behavior was exemplary in that they didn’t respond. They are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t.

“In my experience, the king will look into the distance and look at everything. By issuing a statement, they can’t respond to absolutely everything Harry says on a day-to-day basis.

“This will only add fuel to the fire. Either way, Harry and Meghan’s narrative changes from day to day.

“I think Harry would hurt himself the most.”

Spare hits Australian bookshelves tomorrow.

This article originally appeared in Sun and reproduced with permission

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