Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: what will happen next after the disagreement

At the end of Prince Harry’s tedious memoir, one big question remains: what now?

AT Sparea royal renegade digs up all the skeletons from his past – exposing a quarrel with his brother “Willy”, a strained relationship with King Charles (“Pa”), and his true feelings for his stepmother Camilla, Page six reports.


But after he received $20 million from Penguin Random House for a three-book deal, and more million from Netflix for Harry and Megan docu-series, what’s left for the prince, 38, and his wife Meghan Markle, 41?

Trapped in their $20 million home in Montecito, California, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are more isolated than ever from the royal family and have little chance of reconciliation. And now even America does not know what to do with them.

“They are on the edge. They have lost their voice of sympathy,” said global branding and public relations expert Mark Borkowski. Page six.


Even liberal The newspaper “New York Times published slice titled: “Does Prince Harry Have a Spare Has public opinion changed about him? And Ronald Reagan’s daughter Patti Davis wrote once part acknowledging that she sorry about myself about her family, saying that she would have advised Harry to take some time off before publishing his book.


Monday on NBC Hoda and Jennaco-host and former first daughter Jenna Bush Hager told viewers she couldn’t imagine her writing about her twin sister Barbara the way Harry wrote about Prince William, adding, “It’s sad… I can’t even imagine a world without her.”

Confessing that she had considered writing a memoir, Bush Hager said, “Sometimes you tell your story and your story is also the story of others… I did ask people, ‘Is that fair?’ Everyone has their own truth.”


Prince Harry is looking for the ‘American dream’

When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex moved to California in March 2020 to pursue their ‘American Dream’, they quickly signed big deals to tell their ‘truth’ as ​​a way to achieve financial independence.

As Page six The couple were previously reported to have been in talks with Netflix as well as Oprah Winfrey back in late 2018 — more than a year before reports surfaced that they wanted to leave their high-profile royal roles. They weren’t paid for Winfrey’s high-profile interview that aired in March 2021, though it certainly set the stage for what was to come.

Harry gave four long interviews to promote his book, including three on American TV. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and 60 minutes.


And while he thanks Tyler Perry, who loaned the Sussexes his LA mansion in 2020, and Oprah Winfrey in gratitude for his book, neither of them has posted Harry or the memoir on their social media. As is neighbor Ellen DeGeneres, another celebrity acquaintance who has interviewed Meghan in the past.

“I suspect the ‘bunker mentality’ has sapped their future messages,” Mr. Borkowski said. “After every interview, Harry exposed a deep well of emotional, unresolved pain. He should spend time and effort dealing with pain, not turning it into a three-arena Barnum and Bailey circus.”


And if you think about it, there could be more: at one point it was reported that Harry’s memoirs consisted of two parts, but this idea was abandoned, the sources said. Page six.

But one Hollywood industry source asked, “How are Harry and Meghan making money now?”

Plans in development

The Sussexes then team up to work on a book that has been described as focusing on “leadership and philanthropy”. Page six Meghan is said to be writing her own memoir.

A source in Hollywood revealed that the Sussexes have signed a three-year deal with Spotify, but it remains to be seen if Meghan’s podcast will be. archetypeswill return for a second season.

“With the entertainment economy in such a tough spot right now, would Netflix be willing to extend or renew their deal as well?” the source asked.

The source also said that although the Sussexes had been in talks about various branding deals, nothing had been signed.

As Meghan revealed she’s thinking about relaunching her Instagram account, the insider noted that she might want to bring back her lifestyle blog, The Tig.

“Of course it’s time for Meghan to reappear on Instagram with Tig 2.0.”

A senior royal source said: “Will it be a Kardashian-style free and paid sponsorship?”

show me money

William and Harry received the bulk of their mother, Princess Diana’s £13m fortune when she died in 1997. Harry also received millions from his great-grandmother, the Queen Mother, who passed away in 2002. It is not yet known if he has anything left. from Queen Elizabeth.

His father, King Charles, subsidized the Sussexes until June 2020.

In a TV interview, Harry told Oprah Winfrey that his inheritance financed their move to the US: “I have what my mother left me. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to do it.”

In March 2021, Harry was named “Director of Impact” for BetterUp, a mental health startup based in California, a position he still holds today.

“How do you support your lifestyle with your big house?” a Hollywood source added, “How are you going to get the money for this?”

Sources said the Sussexes spend up to $2.9 million a year on security, but those costs could skyrocket as Harry drew the ire of Taliban leaders after admitting he killed 25 Taliban soldiers during the war in Afghanistan.

The prince became increasingly concerned about his family’s safety after moving to the US and losing the palace-provided bodyguards. Last year, he sued British authorities after he was banned under UK law from carrying private armed guards in England.

He said that paying private armed guards is one of the reasons he is eager to sign lucrative deals in the US.

After all, while in New York to record The Late Show with Stephen Colbertone of Harry’s armed guards was seen carrying a Glock Box, which is used to store weapons and ammunition.

A Hollywood source also noted that Harry has exposed so much that he seems less interesting after that.

“Do you see Beyoncé posting pictures of herself in the bathroom? No. Once you start talking, start posting, you lose some of the mysticism.”

This story originally appeared on Page six and published here with permission

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