Pregnant sister-in-law not invited to Thanksgiving after sending list of demands

The holiday season is in full swing, with Christmas music blaring everywhere, lights twinkling romantically in neighbors’ windows, and street vendors selling hot cocoa with tons of marshmallows to give you a sweet treat. found But there is one event that kicks off the celebrations, and that is Thanksgiving.

A day of thanksgiving among those who love it most and a day of great food, drinks and games—but alas, it’s also a day that brought drama to some families. When a pregnant sister-in-law sent a list of demands to follow at Thanksgiving dinner, she had no idea she might be invited to the celebration.


The story was shared on Reddit by a party host named Strange-Whinny-473, when he asked the community r/AmIthe[Jerk] Even if he was wrong. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts and opinions on the situation in the comments below, and if you’re looking to hear more AITA stories, here’s another one for the road.

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The holiday season is a time of year many people look forward to. However, when different needs collide at the dinner table, it can cause some problems.

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Hosting a dinner party is no easy feat. The kitchen becomes that of a Michelin star restaurant. Dining room, a classy place. Timing is of the essence: the bird should come out after the guests have had a chance to arrive and settle down. Any time before that and it will start to dry out. Also wait too long and you’ll have a bunch of hangry guests.

But what happens when you’ve prepared weeks in advance, arranged the food and entertainment and waited for showtime, only to find yourself dealing with a list of requests for one of your guests? No, not requests, more like demands. Reason? They are pregnant. So what do you do? Check everything out of the window and restart?

This Redditor, who goes by the name Strange-Whinny-473, decided it would be best to stick with the original plan, as the guest, who happened to be his sister-in-law (SIL), wouldn’t compromise, ultimately leading to will Being uninvited. Cue family drama and the age-old question — “Was I a jerk?” It’s rarely an easy answer, so let’s take a look at all the details, shall we?

A Redditor asked the AITA community if she was wrong to be uninvited from Thanksgiving after her sister-in-law received a list of demands.


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Since she was pregnant with her first child, the sister-in-law refused to compromise, saying no wine, no poultry on the table, and no games.


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When we take a step back, it’s hard not to see both sides of the story. Family celebrations are a special tradition that no one would want to miss. However, if someone knows that they will have trouble enjoying themselves, because they won’t be able to sit at the table with everyone — the smell of food and drink is nauseating — or be able to participate in sports. will be done For fatigue, it can turn into a A very isolated effort.

Women are at higher risk of depression during pregnancy and in the months after childbirth. According to The Verywell FamilyThese emotional fluctuations are caused by a variety of factors, including fatigue, stress, the physical discomfort of pregnancy, the very common anxieties of impending life changes, and rapidly changing hormones, especially estrogen and progesterone.

Feelings of nausea and sometimes vomiting can be triggered by the slightest hunger or even the smell of your neighbor’s cooking. The stress of not knowing when they might feel sick, and the stress of possibly throwing up unprepared or in public, can be intense, explaining why sisters-in-law may want to take certain things off the table and Must be compatible with them. Its normal


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It’s hard not to see both sides of the story. However, one could argue that the Redditor was looking out for the interests of the many, not the few.

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It would be unfair not to consider the Redditor’s point of view as well. From the beginning she was trying to adopt and continue the family traditions. Furthermore, one could argue that she was looking out for the interests of the majority rather than the minority of guests. Why should everyone suffer when just one person can’t partake in all the things that make Thanksgiving special?

When people turn their personal problems into everyone else’s problems, things quickly turn toxic, turning a fun vacation into something closer to a chore. The Redditor came up with a number of ways to compromise, while also making sure that all of his preparations didn’t go to waste, and said that everyone will get their fair share of Thanksgiving cheer.

It is unfortunate that this led to exclusion of family members. However, as Hella Life States, setting boundaries with a family member doesn’t mean you’re giving up. It means that you are faced with a difficult situation that cannot be resolved.

At the end of the day, you can’t make everyone happy, but you can do your best to make sure the most people get the benefits. Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments below. Do you agree or disagree with how the situation was handled?

Enjoy what fellow netizens have to say, and I’ll see you all in the next one!

The AITA community wholeheartedly supported the Redditor’s decision, calling it ‘no shock’. What is your opinion? Leave in the comments below!

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