Pregnant Keke Palmer’s boyfriend confirms she’s due in 2023

Soon there will be a family of three! Soon after Keke Palmer announced that she was expecting her first child, actress boyfriend, Darius Jacksonshared his support — and teased their baby’s due date.

“2023 ❤️”, the 28-year-old fitness trainer, known as Darius Dalton, wrote on Instagram Story on Saturday, December 3, along with a snapshot of the 29-year-old tummy. nope star.


Keke Palmer Contributed by Darius Jackson/Instagram

Palmer, who has been dating Jackson for over a year, announced on Saturday hours ago that she was pregnant.

“There are rumors, in my comments people said: “Keke is expecting a baby, Keke is pregnant”, and I want to make it clear – I’m right, Hustlers the actress revealed during her Saturday night life monologue in which she cradles her tummy in front of the camera. “I mean, I tried so hard to keep it a secret because I have a lot going on, you know?” People kept coming up to me [and saying,] “Congratulations”. I’m like, “Shh, you can stop, I’ve got booze sponsorship on the line. Let the check be paid, and then we can go to the damn children’s party!

At the time, she continued, “But to be honest, it was the biggest blessing and I am so excited. Guys, I’m going to be a mom! Even though some people feel a little weird about having a baby because I was a child actor, I just want to say, “Look, I’m 29, I’m an adult, I’m having s*x.” [and] I have a house. … You know what adults do.”

Keke Palmer's boyfriend Darius Jackson confirms actress's date of birth after SNL pregnancy reveal
Contributed by Keke Palmer/Instagram

Jackson, for his part, watched his partner host the cult entertainment series from backstage. “These pictures are crazy but I love you guys,” Palmer captioned an Instagram Story selfie with her man and their dressing room buddies.


In one behind-the-scenes video, a relative Dominic Perry cheered on the Illinois native SNL debut – and her baby news.

“Secrets Revealed! Zen has another blood cousin on the way. rap sh*t 34-year-old actress, wrote via Instagramreferring to his 4 year old daughter.Congratulations sister on this night of victory, welcome to the club of moms and @dvulton guys, you will succeed! I love you very much 💕“.

Jackson, for his part, is already excited that his bundle of joy will have a cousin who will explain to them what’s what. “Thank you for stopping by at Auntie’s,” he wrote on Instagram Story, posting footage of Perry. “Zen has a cousin on the way. ❤️“.

Keke Palmer's boyfriend Darius Jackson confirms actress's date of birth after SNL pregnancy reveal

Darius Jackson and Keke Palmer. Courtesy of DomiNque Perry/Instagram

scream queens Alum and Jackson first opened up about their romance via Instagram in August 2021. “You were a blessing from above,” the personal trainer said at the time. “I never expected the summer of 2021 to be the way it is, but here it is. I’m glad we were able to help each other through our darkest times and show each other that what we bring to the table is all we have.”


Palmer and the workout gurus have continued to keep their romance relatively low key since their public debut.

“I’ve always had the same philosophy when it comes to dating,” the Nickelodeon alum said earlier. Harpers Bazaar in March 2020. “It’s not that I wouldn’t let someone else try. But trying to keep my private life outside of work is easiest for me when you’re not dating someone from the same career. … I think a lot about whether this person really likes me? And it’s not just romantic relationships. These are also friends. That hesitation is the most traumatic thing in fame.”

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