Piers Morgan slams Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for receiving RFK award

Piers Morgan criticized Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after the couple agreed to receive an award for accusing the royal family of racism.

The Duke and Duchess of Suss*x will receive the Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) Human Rights Award for speaking out against “structural racism within the institution” of the British monarchy.


Tuesday in the release Fox and friendsavailable for streaming Flashthe broadcaster criticized the “outrageous” award, calling it “absolutely disgusting”.

“The idea that these two little swindlers who left royal duties left Britain… used and stole hundreds of millions of dollars worth of their royal titles right into their back pocket,” he said on the programme.

“The thought of your own royal family, if you will, the Kennedys, praising them as some sort of heroes in America really gets stuck in my throat.

“And I think they should rethink it, because I think it’s just for me, it epitomizes the malaise of a modern celebrity when you have two people who are trying their best to trash their families on national TV.”


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Former good morning britain The MC continued: “Harry has this book coming out and he’s going to do it all over again with his father, who is now king, who of course is still mourning the d*ath of his mother.

“You have Meghan Markle who was kind of a mediocre actress who married into a family, took our beloved prince, took him to America and now spends all her time trying to att*ck the monarchy.

“I’m sorry, but as a monarchist and as a person who loves this country, I find it absolutely outrageous that Kennedy now puts on them a cloak of honor and prestige and brands them heroes.


“Honestly, I’m at a loss for words.”

The outspoken journalist also named Robert F. Kennedy’s daughter Kerry Kennedy, saying, “Shame [her]for “thus denigrating the name and memory of the father.”

Conversation with a Spanish news agency El ConfidentialMs. Kennedy explained why Harry and Meghan are receiving the prestigious award.

“[Meghan and Harry] went to the oldest institution in British history and told them what they were doing was wrong, that there could be no structural racism in the institution; that they couldn’t support the misconception about mental health,” she told the publication.

“They knew that if they did that, there would be consequences, that they would be ostracized, they would lose their family, their position in this structure, and that people would blame them for it.”


During a high-profile interview with Oprah last year, the couple revealed that the royal was concerned about their son Archie’s skin color.

The Suss*xes were also upset that Archie was not given the title of prince and was also “financially cut off” after they moved to the States.

A few days after the revelation, Queen Elizabeth II released a statement saying: “The entire family is saddened to learn how difficult the last few years have been for Harry and Meghan.

“The issues raised, especially racial ones, are troubling. While some memories may vary, they are taken very seriously and will be discussed privately by the family.

“Harry, Meghan and Archie will always be beloved members of the family.”


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