Photo of Kate Middleton from Queen’s anthem proves Meghan Markle was wrong

Buckingham Palace has nothing to say. Nada. Zero. zilch.

At the end of the last half Harry and Megan, a Netflix documentary about the Duke and Duchess of Suss*x, which aired Thursday night, these tweed Londoners pursed their lips and clasped their hands. They had nothing to say about Harry’s claims that brother Prince William left him ‘horrified’ after ‘screaming and yelling’ at him during the 2020 Sandringham summit, or that the royal press offices were locked down. in unholy alliance with those ink-smeared thugs on the Fleet. The outside.


But Kate, Princess of Wales? She could just say everything in the most defiant way.

Thursday in the royal world was a very important day, because almost 12 hours after the second and last (thank God!) Suss*xes heartbreaking tranche of inflated resentment, mud-slinging and melancholy string music, Kate arrived in Westminster. Abby for her second Christmas carol concert, ready for the singing and much-needed fun PR of a happy family.

So Kate arrived, all dressed up like a scented Christmas cracker, in a fitted maroon coat and dangling maroon earrings. Then, after greeting some of the concertgoers by giving the five children “On their best behaviour,” the princess entered for the second time with her family, with her daughter Princess Charlotte wearing, imagine, a maroon coat. Hm.


Then the royal cousin Zara Tindall arrived and was recently released from custody. i’m a celebrity the “jungle” of husband Mike from the Gold Coast. What was Princess Anne’s horse-loving former Olympian daughter wearing? Burgundy coat.


Pippa Matthews, Kate’s sister, also joined her siblings and what did she choose for this huge event that will be endlessly photographed and seen by the whole world? Another burgundy coat.

I haven’t finished yet. Sophie, Countess of Wess*x, looked chic in a white coat, and Her Majesty, aka Camilla, opted for… a white coat.


(Let me point out here, while panties were spinning the world around the supposed Homeric story of Mount Suss*x, Sophie was awarded the Hillary Rodham Clinton Award by the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security for her work addressing s*xual violence in war zones?)

Princess Beatrice was wearing a plaid coat and suede boots, while her sister, you won’t believe it, was wearing a plaid coat and suede boots.

We could write it all off as funny coincidences that all these women could laugh at later that evening over a big glass of Waitrose prosecco when they kicked off their heels and made Prince George cross a tray of pigs in blankets. Except for the fact that these match-matches are hot on the heels of one particular statement by Meghan.

In the first volume Harry and MeganThe Duchess told the streamer’s cameras: “Most of the time I was in the UK, I rarely wore colour.


“That was the idea. It is my understanding that you can never wear the same color as Her Majesty if there is a group event. But then you also should never wear the same color as any of the other older members of the family. So I thought, “Well, what color would they probably never wear?” Camel? Beige? White? So I wore a lot of muted tones, but that was also done so that I could just blend in.”

(Look, here we could see the fact that a quick Getty or Google search turns up several images of her wearing red, purple, orange, and green, but that signature Suss*x hiding some inconvenient facts is hardly anything- something new, is it?)


Then, in the second issue of this week, the former Suits the star echoed the statement, saying: “Until that last week in the UK, I rarely wore color. I never wanted to upstage or annoy anyone. So I just tried to blend in with the others.”

As a less-working member of the royal family, Meghan was expected to not step on the heels of any of the higher-ups and that she needed to know where she fit in the pecking order. It was more water for the ever-chugging mill of discontent — another way the monarchy has squashed Meghan’s flamboyance.

That’s what makes Thursday’s hymn concert such a brash and intense moment.

Did Kate, Zara, Camilla, Sophie, Beatrice, Eugenie and Pippa have some kind of WhatsApp group where they coordinated their tailoring movements with pincers, or did they all just happen to be in mirror versions of each other’s coats, who knows?

The bottom line is the same – just because of what they wore, the women of the royal family just managed to destroy self-assertion.

The power of fashion, right?

The royal family is not finished yet. While those old Etonian lips remained closed in the face of the Suss*xes’ highly aroused, emotionally manipulative (and even touching) retelling of events, with battle lines drawn between Montecito and London, the Windsors were busy sending the message that was being heard. loud and clear.

Last year, six members of the extended royal family traded the comfort of a warm living room for an evening listening to Leona Lewis yell. Oh holy night in support of Katya.

And this year? As many as 20 Windsors, including William’s second cousins, turned down an eggnog evening before White Lotus to come to this most important moment in terms of image.

The meaning hardly needs explanation – it was a show of familial unity and support as Charles, William and Kate were criticized by the world’s most notorious refusenik royals.

Then, if anyone had any doubts about all this closeness, this united front, Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace also sent out their first joint tweet about the event.

There is a sad last point to make here.

Never before have Harry and Meghan looked more isolated than two people cut off from their fathers and siblings who have thrown themselves into the celebrity wilderness. Completely and utterly abandoned, even.

Daniela Elser is a writer and royal commentator with over 15 years of experience working with a range of leading Australian media outlets.

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