Pete Davidson and Miley Cyrus got matching SNL tattoos

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“I burned mine, and you still have yours.”

Today in “celebrity friendships I didn’t know were a thing, but totally understandable once I think about it,” we have: Pete Davidson And Miley Cyrus,


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The two met Miley in 2017. was done through SNL appearance, and, as it turns out, the two became very close — and even got matching tattoos to commemorate the experience.

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It all goes back to a sketch called “The Baby Step”. to speak on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPete began, “We made it SNL Sketch where we were kids rapping: Trap Baby. one of the many great ideas I’ve come across SNL Table.”

There’s a line in the skit where the two simply say, “We kids!” As an excuse for their actions – which both decided would be a great tattoo. “I asked my tattooist to come to 30 Rock,” Pete explained.



“It was a very dark time in our lives – probably for me, personally,” he said.

Miley replied, “Should have known that was the sketch. The guy was there with the needles, the permanent ink, before he pressed ‘send’.”


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Alas, half of the two don’t have their “Wee Babies” tattoos anymore. “I burned mine, and you still have yours,” Pete says in reference to his long and extremely painful-looking quest to have most of his tattoos laser removed.

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However, Miley was not told that Pete was leaving his like – and found out through a commercial. “I didn’t know that until I saw the SmartWater ad — where he’s drinking SmartWater and lasering his tattoos, and I was like, ‘Wait a minute… that’s where we were kids’ !'” Miley joked.


So, Miley’s tattoo currently looks like this:

And here’s what’s left of Pete:

“Yeah, I stopped smoking the next day—for a few years, at least with Pete,” Miley said.

You can watch the full interview Here,



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