Pet Owners and Their Pets in Quarantine: 16 Examples I Made

It was fun creating this commissioned portrait of Yam & Malia as a special birthday surprise. Sweet Potato is the cutest kitty, with a permanently stuck tongue on accident. A short story about yam during lockdown:

“During this time, Yam has become obsessed with the water that goes into my shower and tub. Whenever I’m at the sink brushing my teeth or washing my face, he appears, slips into the tub, and then sits there, staring and staring, waiting for me to “get the water” (not a direct quote. Yam’s English is not good). “What I do now is just to make him do it,” he said in a frustrated tone. “I know I should ignore his demands if I don’t want to continue this habit, but that face.” Look. I’m helpless. So I sighed and turned the cold water on a little (mumbling to him about the waste of water) and let it run for a while so he’d have something to stare at. If I’m in a really good mood or if he makes a request, I plug the drain so he can watch the pool fill up, then turn it off so he can watch it, mind blowing. I remove Or he gets out, onto the next thing.


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