People are cracking up on these 35 weird and old jokes with irony, as shared in this ‘Baby Boomer Humor’ online group.

Okay, so, less context, more fun. In turn, Boomer jokes more or less represent what the general frame of mind was and how things were done back in the day.

The Reddit community r/BoomersHumor Does a good job of preserving the historical humor of the time in the form of comics and memes, but also newspaper clippings and the like.


Much of this style of humor pokes fun at the generation gap between Baby Boomers and just about everyone else, but mostly Millennials and Gen Zs, but also the Boomers themselves at how things have changed.

Topics and themes typically include mocking PC culture and political correctness, mocking people’s dependence on modern technology, or poking fun at people’s hearts. Sprinkle in a little sexism, ageism and other forms of opinion that breed intolerance and you’ve got boomer comedy.

According to this article, there are approximately 260,000 members of the community who ironically post boomer humor daily, and that’s the number the subreddit has been able to collect since early 2019.


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