Paul Thomas Anderson weighs in on the Marvel Movies debate

There are many stars who have shared their unpopular opinion About this Miracle Movies.


Both Ridley Scott And Martin Scorsese passed first blasted Movies are not part of real cinema, but there is a director who doesn’t mind them – Paul Thomas Anderson,

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Paul, for whom is behind the camera Licorice Pizza, revealed what he thought of the Marvel movies in a new interview and clarified that he does not share the above views.

“Boy, it warms my heart to be told that I feel happier than ever working in this business. I have my own little corner of the sandbox and I’m working with people I really like I admire you, just like at MGM. I’m incredibly happy right now. But that’s me. There’s no end to the skyrocketing questions that always surround movies and what’s going to happen.” Paul said the new Yorker In a new profile piece.


He then went on to talk about Marvel movies, saying that the market “has gotten even more complicated with the plethora of streaming and superhero movies. Most things I don’t take too seriously.”

“I mean, it seems like there’s some preoccupation with superhero movies. I love them. It seems like it’s something that’s popular these days whether they ruined movies and all that stuff . I just don’t think so.”

Paul He said that he credits Marvel titles for bringing people back to theaters, which in turn leads to more of the other films out there.

“Look, we’re all nervous about people coming back to the theatres, but you know what’s being done to get them back in theatres? Spider Man, So let’s be happy about it.”


Paul‘s Licorice Pizza It will be released nationwide on Christmas Day.


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