Paul Reiser talks about his new show reboot and how it compares to the recent Mad About You reboot

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Paul Reiser said that when he received the script for Reboot, he found the premise so appealing that he “didn’t know how to say no to it.” In fact, Reiser found that “Reboot” reflected his own perception of the dangers of rebooting.


“There was a show here that talked about why rebooting a stupid sitcom is not a good idea, but it’s not about a sitcom,” he described. “It’s about making it, people and how they’ve changed in 25 years… I’m playing the guy who created the original show and wants to recreate it the way it was, and they brought in a new, younger writer who wants to do its more socially relevant and relevant, and I’m struggling with that. It becomes: “What is this tension? Shouldn’t you leave something [the way it was]? Not necessary.”

This is the point of view that Reiser and Helen Hunt took when deciding whether to appear in the Mad About You reboot. “We had to come up with, ‘But why? [reboot ‘Mad About You’]Reiser noted. “We didn’t want to interfere with what we had already done. Then we realized that in our case now they will be at a different point in life. We didn’t try to pretend we were still 30 and newlyweds. It would be sad. Let’s get to the fact that, well, our baby… is now leaving the nest and we’re back again like two idiots,” he explained. – There is something to talk about in life. We thought, “This is going to be fun.” We all had a great time doing this and fell into place.”

Raiser’s time in the Mad About You revival contrasts sharply with the characters’ experiences in Reboot. Crazy About You was an enjoyable experience, Raiser said, but that bliss turned into a bad comedy. As a result, while Reiser enjoyed filming Reboot, the behind-the-scenes scenario featured on the show is deliberately fraught with issues and clashes between characters, designed to make viewers laugh out loud and question whether rebooting classic series is a good idea. .

The first three episodes of Reboot are available on Hulu, with new episodes on Tuesdays, and through mid-2023, Raiser is performing stand-up comedy in cities around the US and Canada.


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