One of the Queen’s latest actions was to strip Prince Harry of his role in CoS.

It will be 2112 before there is even a remote legal chance that the world will ever see the contents of the late Queen Elizabeth’s will, given that the last wills of the royal family are kept secret under lock and key. undisclosed location.

But, nevertheless, some details about who got what got out. Son Charles got the throne, the keys to the Tower of London and her entire memorabilia collection Songs of Praise egg stands; Prince Andrew and his wife Sarah, Duchess of York, have acquired two dogs, Muika, a corgi, and Sandy, a dorgi; and Princess Anne snagged various knick-knacks, including her mother’s iconic three-strand pearl set, which I’m sure will really spice up the charcoal canvas shirts she wears to muddy the stables in the predawn light.


However, for some members of her family, she had something far less nice and shiny, and it was revealed later this week that Prince Harry, Duke of Suss*x and his forever-disgraced Uncle Andrew are destined to lose. her latest monarchical moves.

You see, despite the fact that Harry now lives a short bike ride from the Pacific Ocean, having long since escaped the gray winters and his royal birthright to breakfast with Ellen, and Andrew is, of course, the man whose closest working relationship is with his overused TV remote, they are both still councilors of state, meaning they could be called upon to replace the monarch and can handle most of King Charles’s official duties.

Just let it sink in. Two defrocked dukes, who command varying degrees of public dislike and contempt, and who, under the current set of circumstances, may never set foot on the balcony of Buckingham Palace again, could be entrusted with running parts of the regal show.

This is because, despite the fact that both men are no longer members of the royal family, they are still two of the five councilors, that is, a select group of senior Windsors, who, according to the Letters Patent of 1937 and 1953, can be called officially . Deputy Charles.


According to the patent documents, the advisers are four senior members of the House of Windsor over 21 (the Prince of Wales, Princess Beatrice, Andrew and Harry) and the monarch’s consort, that is, Queen Camilla.

However, London, we have a problem. A very big problem.

In terms of image, why should a princess best known for her questionable taste in hats and two private citizen dukes be allowed to remain on the list of possible royal understudies? It is ironic that it is even theoretically possible that one day Beatrice will be in a position to be able to sign official documents on behalf of her uncle or formally accept the credentials of new ambassadors, and this only highlights the often inherent absurdity of hereditary monarchy.

And practically considering that the King and Queen, as well as William and his wife the Princess of Wales, will reportedly spend part of next year traveling the world and charming babies, retirees and those with time to make signs. glitter, which means Andrew, Harry, and Beatrice will technically end up with the royal jar.


Queen Elizabeth now seemed to have calculated that this particular situation was a PR disaster waiting in the wings, with two reports claiming that the palace was preparing to take action to push Andrew and Harry back. (And you too, Beatrice, I guess.)

According to both once and daily mailthe documents are to be submitted to the British Parliament within a few weeks, which will amend the patent letters and expand the list of possible candidates, probably to include Princess Anne and Prince Edward, which will ensure that Andrew and Harry will never be involved as advisers .

Moreover, respected royal biographer Robert Hardman wrote in Mail: “These proposals were already under consideration months ago with the approval of the late queen.”

All this means that in the last months of the Queen’s life, when the world has not become wiser, she gave the green light to plans according to which her grandson will lose his last official role. (Andrew is still Vice Admiral, which is an unfortunate state of affairs. Please take care of it, Your Majesty.)

Sure, the chances of Harry ever being asked to replace his dad are about as slim as the Olsen twin on cleansing juice, but that’s the symbolism of the thing. (The Duke did only participate once as an adviser, being among the advisers appointed by the Queen before she made her last overseas trip to the Commonwealth summit in Malta in 2015.)


There’s something slightly toothless about the fact that the palace has decided, if this week’s report is correct, that the way to deal with this advisory mess is to increase the number of possible advisors, rather than specifically excluding demoted dukes or deciding that only working members can be appointed to the royal family. Actually, it’s a bit of a weak workaround. But he has the major added benefit of somehow protecting the two dukes.

The first sign that something was being prepared behind the scenes came on Monday when his peer Viscount Stansgate spoke in the House of Lords and raised the issue of amending the Regency Act.

“Is the government content with maintaining the situation where councils of state and regency powers can be exercised by the Duke of York or the Duke of Suss*x, one of whom has retired from public life and the other has left the country?”

According to Hardman, Lord True, the leader of the Lords, was “warned” about the question and had a ready answer.”[suggesting] reform may be inevitable,” while a colleague says, “The government will always consider what measures are needed to ensure the sustainability of our constitutional arrangements.”

Don’t let numbing language fool you. This exchange in the House of Lords was, according to Dr Craig Prescott of the British Constitutional Law Association, the first time that the situation with advisers Andrew and Harry had been raised in Parliament.


For Harry, the position of State Councilor is the last vestige of his former life. Gone are his honorary military ranks (Captain General of the Royal Marines, Honorary Air Commandant of the Royal Air Force Honington and Commander-in-Chief of Small Ships and Divers), his presidency of the Royal Commonwealth Fund, his patronage of the Rugby Union and Rugby Football. The League and his ability to call himself His Royal Highness.

Let’s hope the late monarch did indeed leave Harry something beautiful in his will, perhaps a Rembrandt or a copy of his first edition. Black velvet; something he can walk past every day and remember his venerable grandmother before he goes peddling for huevos rancheros with fellow Montecito residents Rob Lowe and Ariana Grande.

Daniela Elser is a writer and royal commentator with over 15 years of experience working with a range of leading Australian media outlets.

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