Omicron theory scares project host Hamish McDonald

In a guest’s chilling Omicron theory, The Project host Hamish Macdonald admitted that he was “scaring the hell out of him”.

A leading epidemiologist explained a theory about the Omicron version, which The Project host Hamish Macdonald admitted was “intimidating” during Wednesday night’s episode.


Professor Mary-Louise MacLaws is the World Health Organization’s COVID Response Advisor and a frequent guest on the show. on WednesdayIn this article, project panelist Rachel Corbett asked MacLaw to name the strangest thing she discovered about Omicron in her research.

McLaws explained an early theory about the variant, which, if proven true, would explain why it appears to be so much more transmissible than earlier versions of the virus.

“One thing that I find quite remarkable is that the omicron has the ability to ‘charge’ the spike; to be positively and negatively charged. When removed, this mucus can attach to polysaccharides and remain charged in the air. With These other particles. Potentially, we are at greater risk of air dispersal, and that would be problematic. That’s why I am telling people that if this is true, please socialize outside.”

Macdonald quipped, “Thanks for scaring the hell out of me, Marie-Louise.”


Elsewhere in the interview, McLaws stated that he was not of the view that Christmas needed to be “cancelled” because of the Omicron eruption cases, but advised the public to celebrate “safely”.

“Make sure you’ve got your booster shot, wear your mask when shopping for Christmas gifts, and try to socialize outside as much as possible,” she advised.

She also warned that while Omicron would lead to a relatively small number of hospitalizations, hospitalization rates would typically be at a two-week interval from case rates: “The more cases we get, it’s just pure math.” Is. The UK and Norway and Denmark will be able to teach us a lot about whether we will see more people going to the hospital. ,

Panelist Liz Ellis asked McLaws about a disturbing prediction from Health Minister Brad Hazard, who said yesterday that epidemiologists are forecasting New South Wales will record 25,000 cases of the coronavirus a day by the end of January.


“It’s a huge amount, and we have some controls in place to help reduce morbidity and mortality,” McLaws said. “Just because you haven’t been hospitalized, doesn’t mean you don’t feel like you’ve been hit by a bus. But of course if we’re going to get 25,000 cases a day, that’s it. The proportion of cases going to the hospital will eventually dawn on us, and then we will start seeing more deaths because people will not be able to go to the hospital.”

McLaugh isn’t the only COVID expert to have made some worrisome warnings about the Omicron variant recently on The Project. Last week, a top US epidemiologist described the notion that it is a milder version of the disease known as a “sweet little lie”.

NSW today 1742 new covid cases registered, up from 1360 the day before. Victoria 1622 new cases registered Today is the highest number since October 11.



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