Omicron Australia: Nick Cotsworth slams some medical commentators

One of Australia’s best-known doctors has hit back at some medical commentators, saying he is “increasing fear” about Omicron.

One of Australia’s most notable doctors and the country’s former deputy chief medical officer came down heavily on some medical commentators, branding them around Omicron as “irresponsible” and “growing fear among the Australian population”. Is.


Speaking on ABC News on Thursday evening, Dr Nick Cotsworth also vehemently denied that he said Australia should “rip off” Covid-19.

The infectious disease expert, who is the face of the federal government’s vaccine programme, said he was not worried about the rising number of cases in Victoria and New South Wales.

“Certainly, those numbers would have been staggering in 2020 when we had no vaccine and no treatment.

“Now in 2021 we have emerging evidence that this is a modest version and I don’t think those numbers are of as great a concern as we would be led to believe.”


He added that “of course” there should be concern about Omicron, but “the answer is not a snap lockdown, the answer is not increased restrictions for COVID-19. The answer is a booster blitz”.

Dr Cotsworth said the focus should be less on the number of cases and more on the hospitalization rates.

“We have been held back by some medical commentators who insist on focusing on case numbers.

“It’s disappointing that they have been unable to move forward.


“We need to be community leaders; we need to bring our community forward without fear, and with as much facts and evidence as possible.

“That means we need to focus on hospitalization and promoting ourselves and then the most minor restrictions that we can possibly have in order to live our lives as freely as possible.”

The Australian Medical Association (AMA), the apex body representing doctors, said on Thursday that the booster rollout is “lagging behind”.

talking to ABC Breakfast On Thursday morning, Chris Moy, the AMA’s vice-chairman, said Australian GPs needed more funding to be able to deliver booster shots.

“We are very concerned that we are facing a perfect storm where we are falling behind in our vaccination efforts.”


Dr. Moy was asked to comment on a tweet Dr. Cotsworth sent in response to the AMA’s claims that the booster program was in jeopardy. The post had the former deputy CMO branding the AMA as “the Peanut Gallery Association”, which “decided we are behind again”.

Dr Moy said he was concerned about how many people would reach the hospital.

“I mean … For example, Nick has said that we should just rip it And infect everyone. But what do we know about Omicron at this point in time?” said Dr. Moy.

Later in the day on ABC, Dr. Cotsworth was asked to comment on Dr. Moy’s suggestion that he believed in “ripping” Covid.

“I never said we should let Covid-19 rip,” Dr Cotsworth replied.


“It’s too easy to say in response to my remarks that reflect the AMA’s expressed concern that the government was not doing enough for the booster program.

“We are four weeks into the Omicron version. Suggesting that we are somehow behind in the booster program is, in my view, an irresponsible contribution to the growing fear among the Australian population.

“The AMA can do much better than this. It should consider itself more responsible in its remarks and act as true partners in this fight rather than political opportunists,” said Dr. Cotsworth.

In August, Dr Cotsworth said in a tweet that the restrictions had a “negative effect”, but added He Wasn’t Advocating “Rip It Off”, has contacted the AMA for comment.

Dr Cotsworth also said Australian governments should pause when considering further restrictions such as lockdowns.

“We have tolerated the public as much now as possible in terms of significant restrictions on their ability to live a full and independent life.

“And in the face of a version that is milder but more contagious, we cannot go along with a suggestion that we are going to have a snap lockdown.

“Obviously, if people are concerned, they are free to be concerned, and they are free to take additional measures if they wish to do so.”



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