Olivia Wilde’s ‘Post-Breakup’ Dress on Red Carpet Has Shocked The World

As always, fashion was divided on the red carpet at last night’s People’s Choice Awards. So we’ve got a full round-up of the best — including an Olivia Wilde look that’s stunned the internet…

Davina Potretz…

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We love the slim cutouts paired with barely there shoes!


Billy Porter…

GettyImages 1447279552.jpg.optimal
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He always manages to bring some excitement to red carpet dressing!

Carrie Underwood…

GettyImages 1447279512.jpg.optimal
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The detailing of this embroidered suit is simply stunning.

Heidi Klum…

GettyImages 1447279563.jpg.optimal
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He took a risk – but it sure paid off!

Brent Rivera…

GettyImages 1447279733.jpg.optimal
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It’s so simple, but the Prada logo adds height — and the shoes are great!


Delaney Glazer…

GettyImages 1447279754.jpg.optimal
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You can never go wrong with an LBD.

Aidan Alexander…

GettyImages 1447279758.jpg.optimal
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We’re into this Jacquimes shirt!


Ryan Reynolds…

GettyImages 1447279787.jpg.optimal
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Let’s be honest, though — this guy can look good in anything.


GettyImages 1447280355.jpg.optimal
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She has gone for a vibe and we have to applaud her!

Heather Rae L. Moses…

GettyImages 1447280379.jpg.optimal
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Now here’s how to make a splash with your pregnancy dressing!

Charlie Jordan…

GettyImages 1447280405 scaled.jpg.optimal
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The flouncy draping on this long, perfectly cut dress is divine.

Chelsea Lascani…

GettyImages 1447280450.jpg.optimal
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This bejeweled gown is an absolute showstopper!


Virginia Fonseca and Zee Felipe…

GettyImages 1447280616.jpg.optimal
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This is the perfect complimentary power couple dressing!

Meredith Duxbury…

GettyImages 1447277915.jpg.optimal
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The high shine combined with the scooped neckline is a thing of beauty.

Q’orianka Kilcher…

GettyImages 1447278434.jpg.optimal
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We love a good suit, and this tangerine shade is delicious.

Lauren Spencer Smith…

GettyImages 1447278508.jpg.optimal
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This utilitarian beige trench coat is surprisingly chic!

Sarah Michelle Gellar…

GettyImages 1447278504.jpg.optimal
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These flared sleeves paired with stunning jewels elevate a simple LBD.


Alan Pompeo…

GettyImages 1447278515.jpg.optimal
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This ’70s jumpsuit is a fun take on red carpet dressing.

Anna Sattar…

GettyImages 1447278538.jpg.optimal
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Any outfit that requires a wide shot is fine with us!

Zac Sang…

GettyImages 1447278551.jpg.optimal
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He has managed to make this fairly standard suit look comfortable and cool!

Andrew Ahn…

GettyImages 1447278576.jpg.optimal
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Those golden rose petals just make us want to touch them!

Crystal King Minkoff…

GettyImages 1447278591.jpg.optimal
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We love glitter—and that fuzzy feather bag is a winner, too.

James Pickens Jr.

GettyImages 1447278603.jpg.optimal
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It’s pretty standard, but we can’t deny its look good!

Montana Tucker…

GettyImages 1447278634.jpg.optimal
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You can’t go wrong with shiny, high-elbow gloves.

Tana Monjio…

GettyImages 1447278673.jpg.optimal
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It’s a bit rubbish, but done. Okay fine

Shania Twain…

GettyImages 1447278711.jpg.optimal
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Speaking of trash – this look is nothing short of iconic.

drinking well…

GettyImages 1447278719.jpg.optimal
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This drapey dress is beautifully gothic glam.

Mary Mezzanine…

GettyImages 1447278836.jpg.optimal
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She looks every inch the barbie in this soft pink look.

Michaela Jae Rodriguez…

GettyImages 1447278869.jpg.optimal
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We also want to wear this dress and walk around for the camera.

Kyle Richards…

GettyImages 1447276406.jpg.optimal
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We just can’t resist a feather trim.

Johnny DeFilippo…

GettyImages 1447276502.jpg.optimal
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The texture combo is perfect. everything

Joel Kim Booster…

GettyImages 1447276633.jpg.optimal
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A white suit can be hard to pull off, but she’s got it covered!

Mooney Long…

GettyImages 1447276753.jpg.optimal
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Sometimes, you just can’t hit a thigh-high slit.

Robin Del Monte…

GettyImages 1447276769.jpg.optimal
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The bright, stunning shade and perfect fit make this dress a winner!

Mary Lou Norik…

GettyImages 1447277411.jpg.optimal
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Neon blue and yellow leopard print shouldn’t work — but this look does.

Jay Shetty…

GettyImages 1447277585.jpg.optimal
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We’re into warm tones of cool striped suits.

Rachel Ritchie…

GettyImages 1447277738.jpg.optimal
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She has managed to make a monochrome look amazingly interesting!

Amariana Koppini…

GettyImages 1447277723.jpg.optimal
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We love this pastel sequined mini dress!

Naveen Crombie…

GettyImages 1447277802.jpg.optimal
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Sure, it’s kind of weird, but it’s just so adorable fun that we have to love it!

Tefi Pessoa…

GettyImages 1447277849.jpg.optimal
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We are head over heels for this pistachio and crimson color combo.

Alisha Mary…

GettyImages 1447277871.jpg.optimal
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The bold cut makes what could be a dull look a real stunner!

Lorraine Gray…

GettyImages 1447277903.jpg.optimal
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There’s something sweetly Victorian about this leather corset and fluffy skirt.

Laverne Cox…

GettyImages 1447251050.jpg.optimal
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The color and print of this dress is a feast for the eyes!

Karamo Brown…

GettyImages 1447253462.jpg.optimal
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We love the deep emerald tone of this silk suit.

Sri Ramesh…

GettyImages 1447254568.jpg.optimal
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If we’re being completely honest, this is exactly what we’d want to wear to an awards show.

Camilla Ludington…

GettyImages 1447270141.jpg.optimal
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This retro blazer dress is cute and practical — check out the pockets!

McKenna Grace…

GettyImages 1447271711.jpg.optimal
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These applique flower details look gorgeous!

Erica Jane…

GettyImages 1447273329.jpg.optimal
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Some may hate it, but we are Crazy With this nude print dress.

Noah Sheep…

GettyImages 1447273634.jpg.optimal
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The cream turtleneck and small purse combo is a winner in our eyes.

Kathy Hilton…

GettyImages 1447274724.jpg.optimal
through Getty

This rich, royal purple looks beautiful on her.

Sarah Hyland…

GettyImages 1447274771.jpg.optimal
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now That What you call legs for many days.

Emma Slater…

GettyImages 1447275018.jpg.optimal
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This lingerie-inspired look is unexpectedly cute!

Nicky Glazer…

GettyImages 1447275028.jpg.optimal
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He looks like an extra Austin Powersbut in the best way!


GettyImages 1447275107.jpg.optimal
through Getty Images

Take a look at these heart-embellished shoes, which are the real stars of the show.

Beautiful V…

GettyImages 1447275335.jpg.optimal
through Getty Images

That hairstyle is what takes this look to the top.

Da’Vine Joy Randolph…

GettyImages 1447275296.jpg.optimal
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The dress is cute, but we really love those long mesh gloves!

Carmen Electra…

GettyImages 1447275474.jpg.optimal
through Getty Images

This is just Carmen Electra doing Carmen Electra best, amazingly.

But there was one sight of the night that got everyone talking.

Olivia Wilde’s dress was so infamous…

“You can tell she’s single recently,” one fan joked.

“Um… what dress?” asked another.

Take a look at her low-cut gown here…

What do you think of her look?

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