Olivia Wilde, Rita Ora: Nude, transparent, almost imperceptible dresses are boring

The sheer dress is very trendy right now and I’m really tired of it. Fashionable girls wear see-through dresses every chance they get, and I’m frankly not thrilled.

On a practical level, this image should be carefully planned according to your menstrual cycle; an accidental thread of a tampon can kill him. From a fashion point of view, a translucent dress is simply tasteless. The garment itself usually brings little to the table (some of them are barely suitable for a tablecloth).


The sheer dress was popular in the 90s. Kate Moss and Rose McGowan had viral moments in nude dresses before there was such a thing as a viral moment. However, in terms of fashion moments, Kate Moss’ tank top and low-hanging jeans blew her nude slip dress out of the water. There are clothes that still influence fashion culture.

Fast forward to 2022 and it happens all over again. Rita Ora, Abby Chatfield, Olivia Wilde and Bella Hadid have all been seen wearing sheer dress versions.

Wylde most recently wore it to the 2022 People’s Choice Awards, and it’s been called her version of the revenge dress. Wylde just broke up with Harry Styles and while she looks great, I think the revenge dress needs a little more edginess. You know, maybe a cool neckline, some daring details, something to make it pop.

Abby Chatfield wore a sheer dress to the Australian Commercial Radio Awards and although she looked great, I wanted more. I needed a fashionable look, and not just the opportunity to admire her body.


The transparent dress speaks for itself. In fact, this is a naked dress. If you want people to correctly understand the shape of your nipples or ribs, then this is a small number for you.

I have no problem with this in terms of modesty. Showing skin doesn’t bother me. I grew up in the culture of Kim Kardashian. Women stripping or women stripping almost naked, whatever. I don’t have any strong feelings about this, nor do I give it much moral judgment. I just feel like it’s overexposed; Fashion nudity doesn’t shock or excite me. It’s more like a boring choice than a provocative one.

However, a transparent dress is not really about fashion. It’s about who wears it, showing off their body. I won’t pretend it’s not fun at all to see your favorite celebrity look naked, but from a fashion standpoint, it just doesn’t work.

In order for a nude dress to work, its style must be simple and basic, so it fades into the background, and the body under it becomes an accent. It’s not about the dress at all. It’s about a person who wears a dress.


The naked body is beautiful, but draping it with exquisite fabrics, textures and designs is an art in itself. I f*cking love fashion, the more showy and camp the better. For example, I used to think that Jennifer Coolidge was a fashion icon. White Lotus came and revived her career. I also consider Joan Rivers and Boy George my fashion inspirations because they combine color, patterns and context. They enjoy how they choose to show their body.

So many of my favorite fashion girls are wasting valuable kill opportunities by wearing a naked dress and turning down the opportunity to showcase incredible fashion.

Is it me, or am I imagining that these celebrities are being tricked into showing off their bodies? Who convinced them that a piece of transparent fabric that exposed parts of the body, or a pair of expensive Bridget Jones underpants, was high fashion?

I point my finger and call him. This is not fashion. This is a fraudulent job. Sure, they can wear whatever they want and always look amazing, but I want fashion to be less about their bodies and more about their clothes.

Mary Madigan is a freelance writer.


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