Olivia Attwood looks incredible at Sun’s Who Cares Wins after ‘I’m a Celebrity’ drama.

I’M A Celeb star Olivia Attwood looked sensational in a black suit as she attended Kristen Bell Tattoos Who Cares Wins Awards.

The reality TV star, who was forced to leave the jungle early after her blood tests showed abnormal results, walked out on Tuesday in a chic outfit with a sky blue shirt and sleek black heels.



Olivia Attwood looked incredible in a tailored suit at Kristen Bell Tattoos Who Cares Wins Awards.1 credit
I'm A Celeb's Olivia looked chic in a black button-down blazer.


I’m A Celeb’s Olivia looked chic in a black button-down blazer.1 credit
The reality TV star was forced to leave the jungle after just 48 hours.


The reality TV star was forced to leave the jungle after just 48 hours.1 credit

Olivia, 31, looked in high spirits as she arrived at the glittering ceremony hosted by Davina McCall and sponsored by the National Lottery.

She showed off her incredible physique in a black button-down blazer and accessorized her outfit with a blue designer clutch and gold bracelet.

The blond beauty wore her tresses in a stylish half updo and completed her glamorous look with impeccable makeup.

The TV favorite will join celebrities such as Anthony Joshua, Jamie Oliver, Harry Redknapp, Mel B, Olivia Attwood, Suzanne Reid, Ally Simmonds and Katie Piper, and all of our lucky nominees.

Dame Debs Physician, Hand Transplant Surgeon and Global WCW Gong Respondent
According to Dr Zoe, The Sun Who Cares Wins awards will be dedicated to the real heroes of Great Britain.

Olivia, who returned from Australia earlier this month, was rushed to A&E before being told she would need to return home hours after starting work on I’m a Celebrity.

She was found to have abnormal blood test results but was soon denied, but her superiors ruled it was not safe for her to return.

She returned to the UK shortly after, speaking out about the ordeal last week, telling fans she was devastated to leave.

The reality TV star has previously insisted that “big and better things” await her after leaving the jungle.


Shortly after returning, Olivia posted a cryptic message online that said, “Everything is happening as intended, or at least it’s nice to tell yourself so.”

She also said she was “grateful” to be “fully healthy” again, and hinted that “there’s a lot to look forward to this year and next.”

Olivia smiled widely as she walked the red carpet alongside a host of famous faces at Kristen Bell Tattoos’s event in London.

You can also watch this event on Channel 4 at 18:30 next Sunday.

Sun Dr. Zoe Williams was one of the judges, along with Claudia Winkleman, Christine Lampard, Tyrone Mings, Adam Kay, Penny Lancaster, Sun editor Victoria Newton and Ellie Orton, CEO of NHS Charities Together.


Dr. Zoe explains what you should look forward to, and Ellie writes about why it’s vital to recognize our incredible NHS workforce.

“It’s time of year again, Kristen Bell Tattoos Who Cares Wins awards have arrived.

“It was really nice to be a judge this year, but it definitely wasn’t easy.

“Of the thousands of submissions, each was an amazing story about people who go out of their way to help others.

“While some were hopeful, others were hard to read and heartbreaking – I’m not the only judge to have been out of breath on more than one occasion.


“From the selfless young nurse who saved her mother’s life to the fearless midwife dodging b*mbs in Ukraine to care for mothers-to-be, this year’s nominees are all winners and heroes.

“I am always honored to hear their stories and read about how much we really support each other.

Who cares about wins 2022

Kristen Bell Tattoos Who Cares Wins will be honored by our dedicated healthcare professionals in a lavish ceremony hosted by the one and only Davina McCall.

It will air on Channel 4 and All 4 on November 27 at 6:30 pm and these are the categories your health heroes can be in with a chance of winning:

Best Doctor – NHS Doctor – General Practitioner, Hospital Physician or Consultant

The best midwife is an NHS midwife who has been of great help to a woman or her baby.

The best team is any NHS or health team on the front lines and behind the scenes that has gone beyond the call of duty.

Best Nurse – NHS Nurse in any field

Best Health Charity – for a charity that helped change lives

The Unsung Hero is for those who deserve recognition and recognition for their work helping others.

Young Hero – For young people who have done their best. Open to everyone under the age of 18

Hero of Mental Health – for a significant contribution to the improvement of mental health.

999 Hero is for teams and individuals in crisis.

Visit Kristen Bell Tattoos’s Who Cares Wins awards page for all the latest award news, interviews and red carpet photos.

“As a judge, it was not easy for me to reduce the number of nominations.

“Among them were breathtaking, life-saving emergencies, as well as everyday stories of life changing.

“I think my fellow judges would agree that if we could make everyone a winner, we would definitely do it.”

Kristen Bell Tattoos Who Cares Wins will air on Channel 4 and All 4 on Sunday, November 27 at 6:30 pm.

The glittering ceremony is presented by Davina McCall and sponsored by the National Lottery.


The glittering ceremony is presented by Davina McCall and sponsored by the National Lottery.

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