Noel Gallagher’s ex-girlfriend Sarah MacDonald ‘fed up with his wild parties at Glastonbury’

The breakup of NOEL GALLAGHER and his wife Sarah McDonald sent shock waves across the entertainment industry, but those who know the couple well are a little less surprised.

I can tell the 22-year-old couple have been in trouble for a while, and pals are wondering if the problem peaked when ex-Oasis star Noel went on a binge at the Glastonbury Festival last summer after his triumphant performance at pyramid. Stage.



Buddies say Sarah McDonald, the former Noel Gallagher, was fed up with his wild parties at the Glastonbury Festival.1 credit
Noel took a drunk selfie with Bruce Springsteen, Stella McCartney and Kate Moss at Glasto.


Noel took a drunk selfie with Bruce Springsteen, Stella McCartney and Kate Moss at Glasto.Credit: INSTAGRAM/STELLA MCCARTNEY.

The guitarist, who’s gearing up to release new music in March, had a raucous night out at Worthy Farm, hanging out with buddies including Rita Ora until 6am.

At one point, he took a drunken selfie with Bruce Springsteen, Stella McCartney and Kate Moss.

Noel, who had previously given up drinking during lockdown, confessed shortly thereafter, “I was fucked up. I definitely wouldn’t be able to sing on a Sunday night.”


He also admitted to “sneaking” into the disabled observation deck at the festival using his “Access to all areas” pass.

Patrice Evra dresses up as Liam and Noel Gallagher as he trolls Man City
An inside look into the life of Noel Gallagher's wife Sarah Macdonald

Speaking of his buddy Matt Morgan’s movie Funny How? In the podcast, he talked about a cheeky incident that happened while he and his band were watching singer-songwriter Jamie T.

Noel confessed: “I said to the worker: “See this pass, buddy? It will take me anywhere.”


The guitarist joked that he would “pull” someone out of a wheelchair and encouraged his son to get into it so that they would get a better seat.

The star also joked that she would pretend to touch people’s foreheads, telling them, “Get up – you can walk.”

He added: “I have to say, these disabled cats have excellent vision.”

I was also told that Brother Liam was unable to contact Noel in his hour of need.


The brothers fell out in 2009 when Oasis disbanded and have been cold ever since.

A source told me, “Liam has not spoken to Noel despite the sad news of his divorce.


“It’s no secret that Liam and Sarah didn’t get along, so love isn’t lost.”

It is known that Noel left his home in Hampshire and now lives in North London.

Last year, he and his former publicist Sarah vacationed on a yacht.

Last night, a rep for the couple said: “Noel and Sarah will continue to take care of their children, who remain a priority.

“They are asking the media to respect their privacy and that of their family during this time.”

At least Noel will have enough material for his new record High Flying Birds. . .

Hailey and Kendall magic in black

Models Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner go back to black as they hit the town in Los Angeles.

Hailey left husband Justin at home for a party in a mini dress and sexy stockings, while best friend Kendall forgot her bra.

Hailey Bieber throws a party in this mini dress and sexy stockings


Hailey Bieber throws a party in this mini dress and sexy stockingsCredit: Getty Images – Getty
Kendall Jenner was pictured wearing this sheer black dress.


Kendall Jenner was pictured wearing this sheer black dress.Credit: Mega agency

The couple have been close since they met at a fashion job in New York as teenagers, but Kendall recently admitted she stole Haley from little sister Kylie’s posse.

She said that Hailey was best friends with her and Kylie, as well as with Hailey’s model cousin Ireland Baldwin, and added: “Hailey lived in New York and whenever we were there, we hung out.

“She has been at my house ever since.

“At first, Kylie was furious.

“I had to get them together and say, ‘No, it’s okay, guys.’ But all is well. This is our love story.”

Perry ready to sign with megalabel

LITTLE MIX fans won’t have to wait long for Perrie Edwards’ solo material, as I can tell you that the singer is close to signing a record deal.

The talented pop star is in talks with Columbia Records, which is home to big names including Beyoncé, Bob Dylan and Harry Styles.

Perrie Edwards is close to signing a record deal


Perrie Edwards is close to signing a record dealCredit: instagram/@perrieedwards

The news comes after the chart-topping girl group last performed as a group back in May, and since then, Perry has been in the studio creating her own tunes.

An industry insider tells me, “Perry is super talented and label executives think she could be a global star.

“They are very eager to sign a deal soon and negotiations are ongoing.

“Perry is bursting with ideas for solo material.”

The singer, who has one-year-old son Axel with Liverpool footballer fiancé Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, hasn’t stopped since the group broke up, launching her own clothing brand, Disora, and starting a real estate business, Paxel Properties (a play on words using words her son). title.)

Speaking about her new sound, Perry recently said, “Everything is going very well.

“I just have a lot of fun experimenting with different sounds. It’s really good.

“I am so lucky to work with such wonderful people.

“I am very grateful. I want to make music that I love.”

I can’t wait to hear this.

Patsy: I’m such an awesome jab

Two years after giving up Botox, Patsy Kensit has taken a big turn.

The actress, who recently starred in EastEnders, said she does it every six months.

Two years after giving up Botox, Patsy Kensit made a U-turn


Two years after giving up Botox, Patsy Kensit made a U-turn1 credit

She said: “I’m getting Botox and when the time comes I won’t mind doing anything to my jaw.

“Beauty treatments can be stigmatized. But now it’s so good. There used to be horror stories.

“I am too afraid of fillers.

“It’s not what I would like, but Botox is great. My doctor is amazing.”

This comes after the star said in 2021: “I had Botox, but now I don’t do it because of work.”

Patsy also revealed on the Beyond The Bath podcast that her style inspiration is Joan Collins.

K-POP sensation Jackson Wang held his first Magic Man solo tour at a sold-out London venue.

After showing the cinematic clip for the latest single Come Alive, the Hong Kong singer descended onto the stage in an elevator amidst a cloud of dry ice and dazzling pyrotechnics.

Jackson Wang held his first solo tour at the London Hall to a sold out crowd.


Jackson Wang held his first solo tour at the London Hall to a sold out crowd.1 credit

Opening with the catchy hit 100 Ways, the tone was immediately set for an evening of slick pop music and equally impressive visuals.

Stopping from time to time to drink from a bottle of whiskey, he asked his adoring fans, “Where’s the best pub around here?”

He showed off a new, edgier personality that was greeted by a deafening roar from the crowded crowd.

Highlights included the swaggering Champagne Cool and Drive It Like You Stole It, a disco-inspired song with a funky production reminiscent of Dua Lipa.

By the end of a magical evening, the talented artist has proven that his music transcends any particular genre.

Mimi is the best zen hit. . .

MIMI WEBB credits its Brit Awards for Best New Talent to its “good vibes” from tuning into the universe.

Mimi, whose single Red Flags is out now, told me, “I love the law of attraction, it’s the way I live.



Mimi Webb said: “I like the law of attraction – this is how I live.”1 credit

“I believe in the Universe, so I keep positive and high vibrations. I repeatedly write down what I want and the emotions associated with it, as if it happened. It works.

“The music industry is full of losers.

“When I started, I had no idea how it all worked, so I had to learn. I tried to ignore the negative and focus on the positive.”

So what’s next for Mimi?

She adds: “I would love to play at Glastonbury. I hope to show it.”

Fingers crossed, Mimi.

Things are down for ace Emeli

While Perry Edwards’ condition appears to be improving, Emeli Sande’s condition appears to be in a more precarious position.

A petition to liquidate her company, Ngosa Limited, was filed in December and reports showed the firm was losing £139,000.

Emeli Sande at the presentation of her new album


Emeli Sande at the presentation of her new album1 credit

It was also revealed that the Read All About It star owed the company £585,107 in 2020/21.

This figure has risen from £389,429, indicating that Emeli has borrowed £195,678 since the financial period 2019/2020.

The talented singer achieved huge success in 2012, achieving huge sales for her #1 debut album Our Version of Events.

But she parted ways with EMI in 2021, and her independent label-released Let’s Say For Instance album last May charted at No. 27.

I hope things get better for her soon.

BILLIE EILIS shows off a pair of boobs printed on a cheeky T-shirt as he leaves the gym in Los Angeles.

The Bad Guy singer has become the latest star to rock the bust trend after Rita Ora wore a similar design to the beach earlier this month.

Billie Eilish shows off a pair of boobs printed on a cheeky T-shirt as she leaves the gym in Los Angeles.


Billie Eilish shows off a pair of boobs printed on a cheeky T-shirt as she leaves the gym in Los Angeles.1 credit

It might work for them, but I hope it doesn’t catch on in the UK.

ROMANIAN star Sorana burst onto the music scene last year with a series of infectious electro tracks.

Now the singer wants to press the pop button.

Sorana wants to push the pop dominance button


Sorana wants to push the pop dominance buttonCredit: Brian Ziff

She tells me, “I want to release as much music as possible. I love popular pop songs. I love melodies and big hooks.

“I am inspired by Lana Del Rey. Her songs are poetry and they are so beautifully written. They intrigued me and made me obsessed with lyrics.”

Sorana recently collaborated with DJ David Guetta on the track Redrum.

She added, “What I like most about him is that he gets so excited when we write a song.

I'm the best boss in the world - I gave an employee HALF of my lottery jackpot for help
Shoppers are going crazy over Home Bargains shampoo, which is £10 cheaper than anywhere else

“He plays the beat, I start humming some tunes, and we run to the piano and write more.

“It’s amazing to see that after so many years he still has that spark in his eyes when he loves a record.”

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