Nick Offerman auditioned in the office years before Parks and Recreation

In an interview with The keeperNick Offerman explained that it was his audition for The Office that initially brought him to the attention of The Office executive producer Michael Schur, who later co-wrote Parks and Recreation. “I auditioned for the American version of The Office specifically for Mike Schur, who, without my knowledge, wrote my name on a sticker and pasted it to his computer,” Offerman explained. “A few years later, he remembered the sticker and said, ‘I want this guy on my new show.’ and it’s pretty hard to imagine him playing any character on this show.


It’s even harder to imagine anyone other than Offerman as Ron Swanson, so it’s especially strange to find out that Jim O’Hare originally auditioned for the role of Ron Swanson. In an interview with Team CocoO’Hare, who played Jerry Gergich on the show, explained that he was one of the many people who auditioned for the role because of how popular Amy Poehler’s then-untitled project was. He said he didn’t expect to get the part, but hoped he’d get noticed enough to guest star on the show or The Office, which is very similar to how Offerman landed the role of Ron Swanson. It just goes to show that you should always try your best because you never know who will remember you.

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