New Amsterdam fans are seriously complaining about the fifth season

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The general consensus on New Amsterdam’s two-hour fall finale seems to be mixed at best, as fans have gathered online to criticize the series’ latest episode. Taking to Twitter to express their displeasure, viewers seemed to be particularly outraged by Max’s romantic pairing with Dr. Elizabeth Wilder (Sandra May Frank) and how it seemed to further taint his relationship with Dr. Helen Sharpe (Freema Agyeman).


“They expect us to believe that Max was done with Helen when he was barely able to take off his ring to be with her. The fall of New Amsterdam is beautiful; stop treating fans like trash,” wrote on Facebook. @Kay07ming. Indeed, fans seem to be particularly annoyed that many of the character development in New Amsterdam has stalled and express concern that the show can end in a satisfactory manner as it closes its 5th and final season in January.

“Almost a year later, I’m still mad at what New Amsterdam did to Helen Sharp and Sharpwin,” he wrote. @schaekay1who also noted that they are struggling to even watch Season 5. @breebrezie_97 was particularly adamant about how far the show had fallen in its final season, writing, “Bro, they really should have gotten that man, Max, on the air. And pretend that he and Helen were still together, because that’s NOT it. And I will DIE on this hill.” With only three episodes left to turn things around, it looks like the final season of New Amsterdam could be a big disappointment for many fans.

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