Nancy Cartwright Was Impressed By Anne Hathaway’s ‘A Capella Table’ Reading For The Simpsons

In an interview with Liam McEwan, Nancy Cartwright, who voiced Bart Simpson, Ralph Wiggum, Nelson Muntz and other characters, revealed that The Simpsons welcomed over 400 guest celebrities. When asked to choose one of the most striking ones, she answered without hesitation. For Cartwright, Anne Hathaway was a standout.


“I think she is an amazing artist. She does comedies, dramas, she appeals to young people, she does dramatic things,” Cartwright said. “She should have sung [in ‘Once Upon a Time in Springfield’]. She played Krusty the Clown’s assistant and she had to sing this song. [‘Moon River’]. She knew that she would have to learn this song, but she appears at the table, reads and just a cappella begins to hum any tune.

Cartwright wasn’t the only one who thought Hathaway’s performance on The Simpsons, especially Once Upon a Time in Springfield, was top-notch. In 2010, Hathaway took home Emmy for Outstanding Voice Acting for her portrayal of Princess Penelope. This was not the only time Hathaway received recognition for her vocal abilities. In 2013 she took home academic award for Best Supporting Actress for Fantine in Les Misérables, where she sings a chilling version of “I Had a Dream.” Then, in early 2022, Hathaway shocked Kelly Clarkson with an American Idol winner. talk show when she guessed – and sang – “Since U Been Gone” in front of the host (and original singer of the song).

As Cartwright said, Hathaway can certainly do anything.



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