“My husband was an idiot”: woman waits for her mill in the bathroom in an awkward pose, suspecting that she’s accidentally walking with him

Being with family is a fun time, especially when they’re staying with you during the holidays, because life gets busy so you don’t get to see them as often as you’d like. Even though you may love them, they may still resent you and it is best that you are no longer together.

This woman on Reddit welcomed her mother-in-law into her home over Thanksgiving and Christmas while her house was being renovated. A strange habit that the woman noticed was that her MIL would walk on her while in the bathroom and she began to suspect that it was not an accident, so she made a funny joke.


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The woman suspected that her mother-in-law was walking with her in the bathroom on purpose, so she decided to play a little game.

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The original poster (OP) doesn’t close the bathroom door, or any room door, actually, because when she was 5, her brother closed it so she was quite traumatized.


This isn’t a problem when there are 2 people living in the house, but during her one week stay, MIL walked into the OP a couple of times and she thought she was doing it on purpose. But when she talked to her husband, he didn’t think it was a big deal because he was a family man.

The mother-in-law’s house was being renovated so she planned to stay at her son’s house during the holiday season.

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To prove her point, the woman would walk into the bathroom without needing to use it and stand there fully clothed in an awkward position and wait for her MIL to open the door. OP was not waiting in vain as MIL entered as expected.

MIL walked over to him doing a ballet stance, stood on the toilet and stood with her hands up against the wall. When the doors opened, she would turn her head and see the confusion on her mill’s face.

The way the MIL interpreted the woman’s behavior was that she was “performing rituals in the bathroom” and told her son. He wanted to know what she meant and when he was told that she was doing this on purpose after suspecting that MIL was following her to the bathroom on purpose, the man was furious. .

But he wasn’t angry at his mother, he was angry at his wife for playing these games and it upset his mother. He thought that his wife was immature and he could avoid the trouble by just closing the door.

Her daughter-in-law doesn’t complain much about it, but she walks with him when she’s using the bathroom.


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People in the comments were angry for the OP that her husband would tell her this, because it wasn’t his wife who was doing something she shouldn’t have been doing, but his mother walking into a house with She was a guest and didn’t even knock. When entering the bathroom. Besides, he’s done it multiple times and learned nothing from it.

The woman later edited the post and informed Redditors that her husband and MIL were still upset with her. The husband demands forgiveness and the wife thinks that maybe she was to blame for not closing the door, but MIL’s behavior was also strange. She’s not looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner but at least she can laugh about it on the internet because people in the comments found MIL’s reaction to invading her privacy hilarious.

Her husband thought it was no big deal but the lady suspected that MIL was doing it on purpose.


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MILs want to push boundaries, stick their noses into their kids’ relationships, and know everything. However, to have a healthy relationship and to ensure that you don’t start hating the person, you need to set boundaries.

The psychology of vision Says, “Boundaries are what help us keep ourselves and our relationships healthy. They keep us from drying out because we’re pushing ourselves beyond our limits.

This is why she would wait for her husband to enter the bathroom of his mill in an awkward position to confuse his mother.

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Although you are setting boundaries to maintain a healthy relationship, you may find that your in-laws are not too happy with them. But experts say, “You’re not responsible for making them feel better. Boundaries only work when you remember that you can only control your actions, not the other person’s thoughts. And the same is true for feelings.

However, you should assess what is most important to you and what boundaries are negotiable so that you can compromise. Also know that it is important to stick to them so that others respect them, but you can change them after a while to make them tighter or looser.

MIL actually thought she was doing strange rituals and told her son who got angry and demanded to know the real reason and now they are both angry with the lady.

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Various resources online have compiled a list of the most important boundaries you should have with your mother-in-law, and many of them are the same. They mention things like respecting that in your home, you have your own rules and you raise your children the way you see fit because you are the parent.

Specific limits are unique to each couple, therefore Geo Bold and Bloom He suggests looking at these 5 categories and deciding which problems are in your relationship. Those categories are parenting, dating, holidays, vacations and medical.

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The woman should probably also include personal space and privacy in the story, although you wouldn’t think such things need to be explained to other adults. The bathroom situation may have been funny at first glance and people in the comments were joking about what the OP might do next, but it ended up in an argument with both the woman’s husband and MIL.

What do you think about the OP’s prank and prank with his MIL? Do you think she should have talked to him now? Or because it seemed like MIL was doing it on purpose, she deserved it? Tell us in the comments!

People in the comments loved the woman’s idea and were suggesting more ways she could mess with her MIL.

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