Musical moments in Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin, rating

“Where You Are” is an important moment in Bumper’s rise to fame. After being low on his music at the beginning of the episode, the debut of a song actually written by him is significant. He decides to perform it on the streets of Berlin to make his song and voice famous. People on the streets are intrigued as they listen to him perform on the top of an apartment building.


The performance attracts the attention of not only passengers. Turns out the building he’s performing in is right next to the building where the Unity Day auditions are held. Peter knew it, but Bumper didn’t. Hans soon appears on the roof, approaching Bumper about Unity Day. “Half of what we did was spent watching you,” the judge says. He notes how obvious his song is to the German people and that they can make room for him to also perform in the rookie slot.

The previous song “It Must’ve Been Love” showed just how frustrated the band was with their progress. “Where You Are” is like a brand new day that gives Bumper a chance to share his music without trying to get an audition for Unity Day. Although Peter is still trying to get things done, the American just comes out and sings from the heart and people love him for it.


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