Murr stole an unreasonable amount of chewing gum from a set of impractical pranksters

After Lunar Camera Murr trips over something and falls, much to Q’s delight. But apparently when Murr fell, a bunch of chewing gum fell with him, and Q interrogates Murr why he needs so much. Murr’s only response is, “I see Big League chewing gum, I get it.” Q obviously doesn’t have time for shenanigans because he has questions to answer, but even more chaos ensues when someone else tries to break into the room he’s filming in.


Of course, chewing gum is nothing new to the Impractical Jokers crew, so it only makes sense that they have something on hand in the office. During one such test, Q’s task was to go out in public to talk to a stranger. During a conversation Q continues to put pieces of chewing gum in his mouth. until the strangeness of absurdity is reached and he can no longer speak.

Luckily, Murr still enjoys his love of chewing gum. A piece of gum falls to the ground, and before Murr can ask how much he’ll get for eating it, Sal Vulcano puts it in his mouth. No doubt, Major Leaguer’s Chu Murr stolen from the office was a much more enjoyable experience.


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