Mom Says She’s Allowed To Look Through Her Kids’ Phones Because She Pays for Them

A mother from North Carolina said she has a right to see her child’s phone because she paid for it.

This revelation has created quite a stir online…

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Now, there is nothing as rewarding as parenthood.

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The love between you and your child is unlike any other feeling on earth… it is a beautiful magical thing.

However, parenting is not easy…

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Whoever said that is lying.

Although you do your best for your child and…

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Everyone has an opinion on what you are doing wrong.

There are many things that worry parents…

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But one thing is too much. everyone Parents out there can relate, feeling like you’re not giving your kids the best.


And there are a whole host of controversial decisions made around parenting.

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It’s safe to say, people have some pretty strong opinions…

Like, for example, how to divide duties between parents…

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With single parenting getting even tougher!


And modern parents face even more pressure.

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Technology has made an already difficult job for parents even more difficult – especially as children get older.

There is another big problem for parents these days.

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The most important issue of raising a helicopter.

Toeing the line between being responsible and being overprotective can be difficult.

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But it’s important to instill independence and confidence in your children, lest there be a serious rebellion.

It often comes down to communication.

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And making sure your kids feel like they can come to you with their problems will always make things easier.

Respect is another related issue when it comes to parenting.

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Because most fights between parents and children are due to lack of respect.

Patience is also key.

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As any parent will tell you, you need the patience of a saint some days.

Feelings of inadequacy can also demoralize parents.

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But if you’re doing your best, rest assured — you’re a top-notch parent!

Trying to be disciplined is the key.

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But, let’s be honest – it’s not always possible! Sometimes children are not in the mood to obey.

There’s something else that can scare parents.

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The realization that there is not enough time!


Not only do the days fly by when you’re too busy to care for a little one…

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But you want to preserve the precious, fleeting moments of your baby’s early days (and years).

Dealing with fear is another big problem for parents.

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With a world that feels vast and terrifying, it can be tempting to wrap your baby in cotton wool.

But you need to allow your child to experience life for themselves!

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As long as they always know they can count on you to help them in times of need!

A lot of good parenting actually relies on letting go of control.

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Which, as any parent knows, is easier said than done.

But you’ve got it!

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The fact that you are concerned about being a better parent means you are already doing a great job!

But once your child gets older, especially when they reach their teenage years, parenting can be very difficult.

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Once your child enters puberty, he may feel like he’s not the same person you once knew.

One of the biggest concerns for parents when their child reaches this age is phone use.

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Having a phone has become a huge trend among the young generation.

And it certainly made parents feel concerned for their children when they are surfing the internet and spending time on social media.

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However, a mother recently expressed her views on the matter and said that she has every right to see her child’s phone as she bought it with her own money.

Laura Muse, from North Carolina, admits that she sometimes looks at her 15-year-old son’s phone before going to bed.

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And also screens her seventeen-year-old daughter’s online activity.

Talking with The New York Postthe 41-year-old said: “I own their phones, I pay for the phones. I can go through them whenever I want.”

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She also took to TikTok, where she can be seen explaining her parenting rules.

I videoIn what has gone viral, she is standing with her son while music plays in the background with the lyrics “It’s not a big deal”.

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Text appears on the screen, reading: “Every time I look at my teenager’s phone.”

Since being posted, the video has received over 1 million views…

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Many made their way to the comment section to agree with the mom.

“My daughter had to turn her phone off every night while sleeping and yes, I saw it. It’s for her protection,” one parent wrote.

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“It’s no big deal because you’ve done a great job raising them! You’ve been blessed with really beautiful and amazing children. Good job Mama Bear!” Added a second.

While a third chimed in: “I love that you guys have a relationship where it’s nice and you can.”

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However, others were not so convinced about her parenting rules…

“Why do you go through her phone? Let her have privacy,” one person questioned.

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“My mom doesn’t go through my phone unless I give her a reason not to trust me,” added a second.

“Checking your kids phone is an invasion of privacy and shows you don’t trust them. They will never open up to you,” wrote a third.

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The mom responded to that last comment, writing: “I pay for the phone and when you have nothing to hide because we can talk openly about life, it’s not a big deal. … Sorry you don’t have that in your life.”

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