Mom bans daughter’s only friend from her house after he makes weird jokes about her weight

When you think back to your teenage years, what do you miss most, dear panda? Is it hanging out with your friends and thinking about how great life was? Is it how much freedom and fun you have every single day? Or do you think about how socially awkward you were? Those little moments when you do something incredibly embarrassing tend to stick with you for years and years to come, and you randomly relive them in bed, in the shower, or in the meeting room before your annual performance review. can be remembered as

Almost everyone told a joke that didn’t land or a joke that went over everyone’s head. It happens to the best of us. And don’t worry, if it hasn’t happened yet – it definitely will. However, how many of you have been kicked out of someone else’s house because of a sense of humor mistake?


Redditor u/effective-weekend-97 solicited their feedback from the AITA online community On a sensitive issue. She asked him if he was wrong to ban his daughter’s friend from coming back to his house after she joked about her weight at dinner. The mother insists on apologizing to the young man. Scroll down for the full story. Contacted u/Effective-Weekend-97 and we’ll update the article when we hear back. We were also contacted. Comedian And a single mother Erin Shirin, Who kindly explained what topics to avoid at the dinner table and what to do if you accidentally tell an offensive joke. Additionally, the comedy expert revealed how to approach the situation if your kids’ friends cross social boundaries. You’ll find our full interview below.

A mother turned to the internet for advice after she literally banished her daughter’s friend after he made a comment about her weight.


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Here is the full story of the woman.




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Comic writer Aryan Board tells Panda what topics of conversation you should avoid when having dinner at someone else’s house. “Anything related to weight, size, or eating too much food must be avoided. Religion and politics are also avoided,” he said.

If you want to have fun with people you don’t know, maybe stick to pranks and dad jokes! “Dad jokes may cause groans but he won’t be offended,” Erin notes, noting that it’s best to err on the side of safety.

Meanwhile, if you mess up and have offended someone (whether on purpose or by accident), the best course of action is to say ‘I’m sorry’. If you were the target of a prank, try and move on.

“If you’ve told a joke, apologize immediately. If you’re the butt, try to shine on it (although that’s easier said than done!),” comedy expert Ariane told us.

Board Panda also wanted Ariane’s opinion on how parents can enforce social boundaries with their children’s friends. He said it reminded him of an incident a few years ago.

“I’m plus size and my daughter and her friend were sitting on the tire swing which is very heavy. They called me to push on the swing. I sighed, because it’s a lot of work to push 70kg. Have to,” he told

“Then my daughter’s friend, who was about eight years old, yelled: ‘Come on dear dear slightly overweight Ariane — you’ll burn some calories!’ So then I said: ‘No, if you’re going to be rude, move your swing forward!

“So they sat on the swing and I sat on the bench. I needed to politely show my daughter’s friend that it wasn’t rude to get what she wanted.

In general, there are some sensitive topics that you should avoid during dinner. These usually include politics, religion, and anything else that gets people fired up and running to defend their strongly held beliefs. Enjoy your casserole, you can chat privately with your friends all you want. However, this only works in theory.

In practice, however, people can and do talk about interesting topics all the time. And hardly anyone does it gracefully and calmly. Instead of an Ivy League debate club, you’ll find interruptions, anger, and “Oh, come on, you can’t be serious!” Dozens of hymns are found.

So, yes, conversations can get messy. And you can’t really expect all your jokes to land. You may have misjudged your audience a bit and created a laugh that you thought would land, but it totally b*mbed. Or you’re feeling super nervous and your mouth (now, completely disconnected from your brain) says something that’s completely rude and stupid without you meaning it. And that’s on top of the fact that someone might interpret your comedy in a way you didn’t intend. We also shouldn’t forget the simple fact that, hey, kids say dumb things sometimes.

Most redditors believed that the author of the AITA post went a little too far and should not have deported his teenage daughter’s friend. Remember, this was a joke. And that was a friend’s way of complimenting OP’s husband’s cooking. Sure, it was weird, but let’s be honest: We’ve all heard far worse jokes that had less impact, right?

Internet users urged the author of the post to move forward with the incident instead of waiting for an apology from the 14-year-old. Others shared advice about how Mom could have handled the situation right then and there, at the dinner table, which could have set the record straight, led to an apology, and gotten everyone back together. I got help. Some redditors were less subtle and said that the OP should be a big person (absolutely no pun intended) and put her ego aside instead of holding a grudge against a teenager.

One’s weight is certainly a sensitive topic. And no one wants to be forever blacklisted for a comment they found offensive (or perceived as such). The antidote to most situations like this is open and honest communication, followed by setting boundaries. This may involve sitting down with the person and having a quick conversation about how their words make you feel. Then, you can ask them not to do it again. Naturally, this works best ‘in the moment’ rather than a few months after the fact.

Another solution, is to move on, just… let go. Forget that the event happened. Accept that you will be happier by letting go of your grudges. We’ve already written on Board Panda about how destructive holding onto anger can be. As a result, both your body and mind suffer. You are at higher risk of becoming seriously ill. Letting go is far more difficult but an infinitely more mature thing to do.

Most readers felt that the mother was out of line and should have approached the situation in a completely different way.

However, some people genuinely thought that the author of the post did nothing wrong. Here’s what they had to say.

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