Modern Family’s Julie Bowen Stressed Because The Price Is Right


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At 51 seasons, The Price Is Right is one of the longest-running game shows in television history. Even after so many episodes, the show manages to drive its members into convulsions, including celebrities. For proof, look at Modern Family actress Julie Bowen, who appeared on the show and compared it to a life-or-d*ath situation.

“It’s incredibly disturbing. I’ve been screaming and jumping for the last hour,” Bowen said. Entertainment tonight after filming her episode which aired in February 2017. The episode took place as part of Celebrity Charity Week, in which celebrities played along with the contestants. The show then matched their winnings dollar by dollar and donated the money to celebrity-selected charities. Other notable members included Jack Black, Jane Lynch, Wilmer Valderrama and Chris O’Donnell. Bowen, who chose Planned Parenthood as her charity, found the whole process stressful.



Bowen screamed and jumped for an hour during filming

Conversation with Lynn Aguilera from Entertainment tonight, Julie Bowen described the filming process for The Price Is Right. “It was stressful,” Bowen said. “When you choose between two and three, and the difference [is] between who won the car or who didn’t win the car? My God! I need some rest. I need to rest now!”


Host Drew Carey didn’t mind Bowen’s enthusiasm and claimed it was part of the whole process. He told Entertainment Tonight that “The Price Is Right” is looking for people who are naturally happy and excited about playing games on the show. In the end, Bowen was content with her participation in the game show and felt that she put her shopping skills to good use. Bowen also mentioned that she had a chance to help the contestant win the respective game, which gave her a new take on The Price Is Right.

Bowen had several reasons for supporting Planned Parenthood.

In her chat with Entertainment tonightJulie Bowen explained why she chose Planned Parenthood among various charitable options for her appearance on The Price is Right.

“Planned parenthood is just really important,” she said. “It’s medical care for men and women and it’s inexpensive and it’s so important and it’s not just something to vilify. It’s something that needs to be supported, so I’m 100% in favor.”


As a supporter of a reproductive health provider, Bowen is on a long and distinguished list of celebrities who have given their support to the organization. In May 2022, 160 artists including Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Megan T Stallion and Miley Cyrus posted full page ads on New York Times as a way to support Planned Parenthood’s #BansOffOurBodies campaign before the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade.

To learn more about Planned Parenthood or to donate to the organization, you can visit their website. here.

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