Mindy Kaling doesn’t think today’s viewers can handle the office

In an appearance on “Good Morning America” Mindy Kaling argued that The Office was impossible to film in today’s climate. “This show is so out of place right now,” Kaling said. “I mean writers [and I] talking about how much of that show we probably couldn’t do now. Tastes have changed and, frankly, what offends people has now changed a lot.”


Indeed, many moments in The Office are not out of date, and they could be deleted in the room of a modern writer. In one episode, Michael dresses up as a racist caricature of an Asian man. Another, which has since been removed from streamers, features the character in blackface.

Kaling later predicted what would happen to her character, Kelly Kapoor, in real life. “I think she would have probably left Dunder Mifflin to become an influencer and then probably been canceled almost immediately,” Kaling said. “In fact, most of the characters on this show would have been canceled by now.”

Even if The Office couldn’t be made today, it’s still incredibly popular. Per Diversity, it was the most watched show of 2020 with over 57 billion minutes. And there is still a market for mockumentary films in the workplace; just ask Abbott Elementary fans.



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