Mindless Molly Mae and her gaudy s*x-reveal grind my gears – ride at night when she sleeps, says Ulrika Jonsson.

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Am I missing something or is Molly Mae Haig the first woman in the world to get pregnant?

You might think so, judging by the gasps and squeals of my daughter as she yelled the news around my kitchen last weekend.



Looks like Molly-Mae Haig is the first woman to get pregnant.1 credit
Attention Seeking Couple Revealed Gender


Attention Seeking Couple Revealed GenderCredit: instagram/@mollymae

I foolishly thought that maybe the Tories figured it out and deposed Liz Truss for her string of jokes. But no.

A 23 year old unqualified and naive influencer has a bun in the oven.

And now we know she has a girlfriend because she posted one of those creepy, tasteless “gender reveal” videos. (Must be exhausting for the poor guy who has to videotape her every waking moment.)

But, of course, the pregnancy announcement was not without numerous slab dramas.

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Not only was it the “most emotionally difficult” period of her life, poor lamb, unfortunate Molly Mae cried FIVE times a day, and her whole body was consumed by the shock of it all.

As a veteran of pregnancies, I admit that it can be a roller coaster of emotions – and she can run the gamut.

But talking about it like she’s suffering from some form of post-traumatic stress is drama of the highest order.

And it must be annoying for those women who are just breaking down over it, and worse, for those who actually suffer from the debilitating side effects of pregnancy.


Is this just an attempt by MM to present herself as one of us and that despite her golden life, she also knows suffering?

It may be my age, but I’m on the edge with these modern, lightweight slabs and influencers who make melodrama out of anything from shopping trips to their latest hairstyles.

After all, getting pregnant is one of the most natural things that happens to a woman.

But then, I guess if you are a 23 year old, largely inexperienced and unqualified “content creator” who is also the creative director of a huge fashion firm, which by the way is tantamount to organizing canapés for launch parties, getting pregnant by your long time boyfriend and a net worth of £6 million can just drive you crazy.

23 year old unqualified and naive influencer has a bun in the oven


23 year old unqualified and naive influencer has a bun in the oven1 credit
Their gender reveal was terrible


Their gender reveal was terrible1 credit

I am very annoyed by young women like M.M. who relentlessly make announcements and draw attention to themselves in order to remain in the spotlight and be worthy of press coverage.


Sure, the girl has over six million social media followers, earns millions from her YouTube videos, is a squillionaire, and hangs around in a big mansion.

But what skill set is it all based on? What and where is the real value of MM?

The girl didn’t even win Love Island in 2019, she came in second, and now she’s reached dizzying heights of fame and earned what most hardworking people will never achieve.

I’m not talking out of envy. I am terribly annoyed by the senselessness of people like MM.

I’m not alone. Many will follow her with some misplaced admiration—perhaps even horror—that someone with a beautiful, largely blank face has “accomplished” so much.


I wonder what message this sends to the next generation. And before I get in the neck that I enjoy “gluing” another woman, it has nothing to do with a person’s gender. I am an ardent feminist, but my role is not only to hold men to account.

I will give my opinion on who, in my opinion, represents something that I consider wrong.

When I have to watch someone act out the drama of pregnancy, getting ahead in life through a fluke rather than hard work, it drives me crazy.

Earning opportunity

I have no doubt that their child is long-awaited, but their posts lead me to a dead end, says Ulrika.


I have no doubt that their child is long-awaited, but their posts lead me to a dead end, says Ulrika.1 credit

They seem like a good couple, MM and Tommy Fury. I have no doubt that this child is very desirable, even desirable.

But the cynic in me tells me that this also represents a great opportunity to make money. How long until the release of the Pretty Little Thing children’s line?

It’s all the more frustrating when we’ve all witnessed MM claim that if her fans were willing to work as hard as she did, they could be just as rich too. Oh, naivete, insensibility, lack of intelligence and sympathy.

Not to mention the lack of understanding of the lives of others at a time when most people can’t sleep at night for fear of losing their home.

She may be 23 years old, and she is just a young delicate flower. But if you’re willing to bask in freebies, luxury, and free living, you’re also responsible and should be willing to stand up and be accounted for.

And God help us all if MM has varicose veins or a leaky bladder. Or when it’s time for her to push a watermelon-sized baby out of her delicate outfit.

Personally, I look forward to her sleepless nights.

At this point, MM might actually have a reason to cry.

There’s still life in the old motherf*cker

I was deeply moved by how Jeremy Paxman dealt with Parkinson's disease.


I was deeply moved by how Jeremy Paxman dealt with Parkinson’s disease.1 credit

I was deeply moved by the candid documentary filmed by one of the most furious interviewers in this country, Jeremy Paxman, about the onset of Parkinson’s disease.

As expected, Paxman will be the last person to ask for sympathy – he has always been irritated by other people’s emotions.

But that his physical form had greatly diminished and his facial expression greatly diminished was a stark reminder of just how cruel and unsuspecting this degenerative disease is; how it sneaks up and actually robs 1 in 500 of our coordination and ability to function properly.

Paxman says he feels “beaten, depressed and frustrated” by his condition.

Despite this, he has not lost his serious and caustic temperament.

Paxman may be in decline, but there’s still life in the old bastard.

Tony Adams’ Bold Confession of S*xual Addiction

Tony Adams was very brave to open up about his sex addiction


Tony Adams was very brave to open up about his s*x addiction1 credit

Even though I’m not a Gunslinger, I’ve always been partial to Tony Adams.

Perhaps because he spoke about his addiction to alcohol and in my eyes turned from a stern football man into an honest, vulnerable giant.

And now that he’s rocking Strictly, he’s revealed how s*x with his former model Caprice was addictive and he considered himself a s*x addict.

Some people are, of course, more prone to addiction, but while “s*x addiction” is somewhat lost in the whirlpool of various Hollywood “slabs” who want to justify their countless infidelities, and other mere mortals who thrive on wearing “s*x addiction”. ‘ mantle with a sense of helpless pride, the state really exists.

About 15 years ago, I made a documentary about s*x addiction for Channel 4, and as with many addictions, this movie isn’t about how many notches you have on your headboard; how much s*x you have, but rather the reasons why you feel the need to have s*x with (often) multiple partners or constantly watch internet p*rn.

Causes can be complex and are often linked to historical trauma.

Nowadays, we use the term too lightly – almost as if it were a joke or even a badge of honor, without shedding light on the very deep reasons that can turn someone into a s*x addict.

In Tony’s case, I suspect he admitted that s*x was a drug that always got him high, which then made him constantly look for the next one. But for many patients, the consequences are often not related to pleasure or satisfaction, but have a serious, and sometimes very dangerous effect on their mental and physical well-being.

However, it is nice to hear a man reveal his weaknesses and shortcomings.

Almost impossible to share “amicably”

After Surviving Three Marriage Breakups, It's Nearly Impossible to End Amicably


After Surviving Three Marriage Breakups, It’s Nearly Impossible to End Amicably1 credit

“It’s as friendly as it gets.”

So, read the statement from musician Example and his 11-year-old wife, Erin McNaughty, who announced their separation this week.

Two children and nearly a dozen happy years together, but perhaps with “too much adventure” – whatever that means – they decide to part ways with “love and respect” in abundance.

Such a conclusion about a long-term marriage or relationship, for that matter, is as rare as chicken teeth. Despite this social media communication in which everything was rosy in Primera’s house, but everything came to a natural end, it’s hard for me to imagine that this can really be the whole truth.

It’s not for me to wonder what is really behind the end of such a seemingly successful marriage, but it seems a bit counterintuitive. Not because it’s not true that a couple can end up in a good relationship or that people can just fall out of love, but most often resentment and disappointment are on the side of one person.

I’ve had 3 marriages and it wasn’t exactly pretty.

Likewise, it wasn’t as bad as the consequences of other people’s situations.

I have always made it my mission to end something as much as possible, especially since children were involved.

But that’s the point: we’re human. And people are not always rational, sensible or reasonable.

Is it cheaper to use an air fryer, slow cooker, oven or microwave?
I left the hospital with my newborn, only to find out I was pregnant again.

I congratulate them if they have truly achieved this, in which case Primer and his wife set a brilliant example for all of us.

No longer “narcissistic married”. She will soon become a “smug unmarried woman”.

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