Milo Thatch from The Lost Empire in stunning fan art

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Concept artist Joel Torres recently unveiled a digital rendering of Tom Holland as Milo Thatch from Atlantis: The Lost Empire. post on instagramand it’s amazing. Holland pairs well with the round glasses, blue diamond necklace, and tank top that the character wears in the animated film. Many fans in the comments seemed to approve of Holland as a character. U/normanizer said “100% it will work”. Others, like u/dewell_parrales, even prefer Holland as Milo over his performance as Nathan Drake in Uncharted.


However, the concept art was also met with moderate disapproval by fans, who would like to see other actors get the chance to participate in live performances. W/brennaman1 said, “No. I’m tired of him. He is everywhere.” U/alfredo.hidalgo even suggested actor Eddie Redmayne as another option for the character if a live-action remake ever comes out.

Unfortunately, about the action movie “Atlantis: The Lost Empire” there were only rumors and assumptions. Animated film co-director Kirk Wise explained in 2021 that he had only heard online support, nothing from Disney. Co-director Gary Truesdale said Disney had no plans for this (via Newsweek). Only time will tell if this will ever happen, and if Holland is attached, it will certainly be in a few years, given his break from the industry.

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