Miley Cyrus’ digs into Liam Hemsworth reveal which men women no longer find attractive.

Miley Cyrus has just released her new breakup anthem “Flowers” and the song confirms that the “hero” has disappeared.

Cyrus released this song on her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth’s birthday and, unfortunately for the younger Hemsworth, it’s a recognized firework.


In it, she points to a particular type of man that women no longer want to date.

We’ve all heard of the “soft guy” and “boy boy” but there’s also a hero guy. A hero guy is a man who swoops in and saves the day. The man who wants to save you! Someone who insists they want to make your life easier and is constantly trying to clean up the mess you make.

Cute in theory, annoying as hell in reality, and Cyrus is clearly fed up with men like that.


Clinical Psychotherapist Julie Sweet sees that women no longer want to date men who want to save them.


“I see female clients nowadays giving up on being rescued. Instead, discover that they want interdependence when it comes to intimate partnerships.” clinical psychotherapist Julie Sweet said.

“The shift towards interdependence is not only beneficial, but also a wonderful transition that creates balance and reciprocity in relationships.”


Take it? Women are ready to buy themselves flowers and take themselves to dances! Miley had money.

So, Ms. Sweet believes that the image of a hero-guy who comes to save the day is gradually losing its appeal in the modern world of dating.

“I think the ideal construct of salvation by a man for women is being eroded right now, and that benefits both women and men. I feel that many women have been developing and growing intensely lately, doing work and meeting themselves, ”she explained.

AT Flowers, she sings: “I can buy myself flowers. I can write my name in the sand, talk to myself for hours, say things you don’t understand. I can make myself dance and I can hold my hand. Yes, I can love myself better than you.”


Cyrus couldn’t be clearer even if she tried. She doesn’t need a man. However, she probably felt like she needed it when she met Hemsworth ten years ago. So why?

Well, our pop culture, of course. Cyrus grew up in Twilight era. Remember that book? It has sold 160 million copies worldwide and has become a love bible for teens.


It’s about a vampire who falls in love with a beautiful human girl, Bella, and spends her entire life saving her from danger, ironically being a danger to her.

The book has had a life of its own, and given its popularity, there’s no denying it had a huge impact. Combine that with the fact that in every romantic comedy of the early 2000s, a man saves a woman, and you have a recipe for making this character look very attractive.

Who can forget Bridget Jones? She’s been a complete mess, but she ends up defeating Mark Darcy herself, and somehow their romance is supposed to send the message that their relationship means she’s going to be okay now.

When you look at Cyrus’s relationship with Hemsworth, it’s easy to see how he could play the hero role in that relationship. She was a wild child; he was a handsome Australian. Their dynamic always seemed to make him calm her storm, but you know what? Sometimes you just need to let it drain. Since their split, Cyrus has been enjoying her career highs and seems to have really come into her own.

Cyrus’ breakup anthem is just fantastic proof that we’ve finally overcome the romantic image of wanting men to save us because, you know what? Women can buy flowers for themselves, save themselves, and look stunning while doing it.

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