Mike Wolfe of American Pickers is more intrigued by the backstory of the sellers than the antiques

During an interview in 2011 Southeastern Journal of Antiques and CollectiblesMike Wolfe has claimed to be more interested in the sellers and collectors he meets than in the antiques they sell, especially because of the unique and interesting connections they have with their collections.


Wolfe recalled one particularly striking collection of petrobilia (antique items relating to gas stations, gas pumps, or old gas station signs) that he discovered while harvesting in Florida. “As for me, I want to know why people go down this path, why they buy all these high-quality things,” he explained. “For this guy, it was because he worked at a gas station when he was 13 years old. Just one experience changed his path. That’s what interests me. backstory that intrigues me.”

Considering the fact that Wolfe is a renowned motorcycle collector himself, it’s no surprise that he was intrigued by the interests and backgrounds of his fellow collectors. Indeed, Wolfe has never been shy about praising other people’s collections, and in almost every episode he poses the question of where these items come from and what they mean to the collector.

In any case, Wolfe’s comments make it clear that his intrigue with these eccentric vendors is anything but phony, as he finds their stories even more interesting than the items they collect.



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