Michael Clarke and Jade Yarbrough cheat: Kyle and Jackie O weigh in for the explosive fight between Michael Clarke and Karl Stefanovich

Kyle Sandilands and Jackie “O” Henderson echoed the nation’s thoughts by saying they would “disappear forever” if they framed anything like the Michael Clarke and Jade Yarbrough scandal going around today.

Speaking this morning on KIIS FM, the Sandilands shock jock, close friend of Clark and Today Host Karl Stefanovich, also seen in the footage, said he “nearly died” after hearing the news of the wild carcass that broke out earlier this month in Noosa Public Park.


On footage from January 10, published Daily Telegraph On Wednesday night, Clark was seen limping topless in a park at night after his furious girlfriend Jade, Stefanovic’s wife Jasmine’s younger sister, slapped him in the face over an alleged cheating scandal involving his ex, influencer Pip Edwards.

Watch the video of the incident here.

Jade, 30, can be heard screaming, “You fucked her on December 17… You fucked her, you fucking dog.”

Clarke, 41, replies, “Baby, you’re wrong, you’re wrong.”


Elsewhere, the former cricketer is heard calling Stefanović “shit”. Today show host sneaking into a spat.

It is known that Pip and Jade were in contact, which provoked a confrontation between Clarke and Jade, who began dating in August last year. The fight broke out after dinner at a nearby restaurant with Carl and Jasmine and their famous accounting assistant, Anthony Bell.

Discussing the altercation that was filmed by a passerby, Jackie said she was “jaw deep” as she watched the footage, adding, “That’s not the Michael Clarke I know.”

Meanwhile, Kyle claimed he was “involved in thousands of fights like this”, chuckling, “Why are they shirtless in a public park?”


Claiming he refused to take sides, he added: “If we’re all sitting around thinking what the worst fight we’ve ever had with our partner is, imagine someone filming it and posting it to The Daily Telegraph. … No thanks. I will disappear forever, you will never see me again,” he joked.

Jackie agreed, saying she would “leave the country for two months”.

Discussing Stefanović’s involvement in the drama, radio hosts suggested that he was simply trying to “disperse” the situation.

“Who wants to stand up and shove themselves into someone else’s bullshit? I think Carl was leaving,” Kyle said, adding, “I hope they do well.”

It comes after Pip, the ex-Clark, made a blunt statement this morning.


“This is not my circus,” Pip said. “Again, Michael in his true nature did not take responsibility for his actions and I was blatantly lied to.”

Meanwhile, Clark told Daily Telegraph on Wednesday evening: “I take full responsibility for this quarrel and am shocked by my actions.”

The screaming fight took place in front of several people in the park around 9:30 p.m. and was so embarrassing that one of the spectators could be heard shouting “there are children there”, urging the group to fight elsewhere.

A witness who filmed the fight said he first noticed the drama when he spotted Clarke and Stefanovich in a heated exchange.

The cricket TV commentator-turned-breakfast radio host was reportedly introduced to Jade via Stefanovic last year.


Their relationship came eight months after Clarke’s brief romance with Pip, whom he dated after splitting from wife Kylie.

Clark and his first wife Kylie have a child together, daughter Kelsey-Lee.

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