Mexican actor Carmen Salinas’s 82. have died in

Most of us don’t even remember the life before Carmen Salinas.

If you grew up in a Spanish-speaking household, chances are Carmen Salinas was as present in your life as your own family.


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During the Mexican actor’s nearly 60-year career, he appeared in countless plays, movies, and television shows, and she was the Tia/Abuelita we all loved.

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The photo above is from Carmen’s TV debut (pictured at right) on Televisa’s 1964 telenovela, la vecindadi,

In November, veteran actor had to face suffered a stroke and remained in intensive care at a Mexico City hospital. Last night, Carmen’s family announced her death on social media. They said, “With deep pain, we inform you that lead actress Carmen Salinas has passed away today, 9 December 2021. You will be informed about funeral services later. We extend our respects to her family.” Appreciate all the messages and gestures from us, as well as the gestures of affection and prayer you gave to our lovely Carmelita Salinas.”

Twitter: @CarmenSalinasLo

There’s no denying that Carmen touched many people throughout her career, and she’s now sharing heartfelt tributes on Twitter, Instagram, and beyond.


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The actor’s friends and co-stars, as well as those who have had the privilege of meeting him, have nothing but love to share. Eugenio Derbez said, “Today is the time to say goodbye with deep sadness to a woman who made history in Mexico on television and on film. Wherever she was, her charisma filled with light, so I will remember her.” I extend my heartfelt condolences to his family. RIP Carmen Salinas.”


Hoy nos toca despedirnos con profunda tristeza de un mujer que hizo historia en la televisión y cine en mexico. Su carisma lenba de luz culquiere lugar donde estaba y asi voye a recordarla. A su family le expresso miss mas sentidas condolencias. QDEP Carmen Salinas. I

Twitter: @EugenioDerbez

Singer Gloria Trevi, who previously share A beautiful message for Carmen when she was admitted to the hospital said, “My heart already told me you were gone long ago, you missed your son terribly but you lived God’s time patiently Waited. I think you are happy and I live with the memory of all your love and your courage to protect the one you love. I love you friend. #immortal”

Singer and actor Lucero said, “I deeply feel the passing of my admired and beloved Carmen Salinas. Heaven celebrates receiving Carmelita, may your journey be filled with light, from here we will always remember you.” and appreciate you.”


Siento Tanto La Partida de Nuestra Admirada and Adorada Carmen Salinas. El Cielo Esta de Fiesta Resibiendote Carmelita, Que Tu Vieje Si Leno de Luz, Desde Aqui Te Ricardamos and Appaldimos Ciempre. I

Twitter: @LuceroMexico

Singer-songwriter and actor Alejandra Avalos said, “My dear Carmen! Rest in Peace! What a wonderful artistic career you have given us – a legacy as an icon, legend, and great star of pop culture! Always attentive, cordial, and attentive.” What an honor to have you as my godmother on my show, Mexico Lindo y Querido, What a great example you have been for all generations. Your name is written in letters of gold in our hearts! My condolences to all his family, friends and colleagues. rest in peace!”

Actor Maribel Guardia said, “Soar my sweet Carmen Salinas, and thank you for the support you gave me for the funny conversations, the stories, the tears and the laughs. Thank you for defending me and supporting me. ‘Will remain in our hearts. Rest in peace.’

Vuela alto mi adorada @carmencellinaslo y gracias por todo el apoyo que me brindaast, por las platicus divertidas, por las historias, las lagrimas y las risas. Gracias por defenderme, and por apoyrme. Te quedas en nuestros corazónes ️Descansa en paz 🙏🏼

Twitter: @MaribelGuardia

Adriana Fonseca, who starred with Carmen in her last telenovela, Mi Fortuna Ace Amarte, written on instagram, “Life is so wonderful, it gave us the opportunity to say goodbye to our carmensita. I know you’re in a better place. These days, when your spirit rises, it’s to remember the best of you – who Immense and infinite is an icon, a great human being, it is impossible not to be sad to lose a star like you. I love you. So blessed to be close to you on many occasions and to know your great soul. My Carmen Elevate it.”

Twitter: @AdriFonsecaC

Carmen was also lifelong fan of the Mexican football team, Chivas, so they posted a tribute to him saying, “Your adventurous spirit will live on in our hearts. Thank you for always supporting us, Carmelia. We count on your encouragement from above.”


You Espiritu Aventurero Quedara en Nuestros ️🤍 Gracias Por Apoornos Siempre, Carmelita. Contamos con to aliento desde lo mas alto.

Twitter: @Chivas

Fans who grew up with Carmen throughout their lives also shared how much of a fixture she was in their homes and in their hearts.

Rest In Peace Carmen Salinas. You were the mother of all in telenovelas & a comforting personality in my teens ️

Twitter: @YesikaStarr

Que descanse en paz those gran leyenda el la comunidad Hispana. Carmen Salinas A huge part of my childhood was when I used to sit and watch TV with my mother in the evenings. Channel 23. Her work and talent were impeccable. Rest In Peace Queen ️.

Twitter: @JonatanGregori1

“Rest in peace a great legend in the Hispanic community.”

Others shared clips of how hilarious and healthy she was.


Rest in Peace Carmen Salinas. You bring laughter and happiness to the Mexican and Latin community…

Twitter: @HYPNOTlCO

Twitter: @LaComadree

“Carmen Salinas is coming to heaven, because it is clear that she will come to heaven.”

Twitter: @Rodrigocrojas30

“And now who’s going to give his opinion on everything and bless us? Goodbye Carmen Salinas.”

Carmen Salinas or Carmelita Salinas Feu Una Gran Actriz Mexicana, Queen No Solo Participo en la Télévision and El Cine México, También Lego a Trebuzzar Con Denzel Washington and Man on Fire #QEPD

20th century Fox / Twitter: @Titanio_Records

“Carmen Salinas or Carmelita Salinas was a great Mexican actress who not only participated in Mexican television and cinema, she also worked with Denzel Washington flame man,

QEPD Carmen. I

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