Meghan Markle found bruised after fight with Prince William

Prince Harry offered more details about his physical struggles with Prince William – he just said Meghan Markle after she noticed “scratches and bruises” on his back.

“It was an accumulation of frustration, I think, on his part. It was at a time when certain things were being said to him by people in his office. And at the same time he was absorbing a lot of tabloids, a lot of stories,” the 38-year-old Duke of Sussex said during 60 minutes interview on Sunday, January 8th. “And he had a few questions that were not based on reality. And I protected my wife. And he followed my wife—she wasn’t there at the time, but because of what he was saying. I defended myself.”


He added: “And we moved from one room to the kitchen. And his frustration grew and grew and grew. He yelled at me. I yelled back at him. It was unpleasant. It wasn’t pleasant at all. And he clicked. And he pushed me to the floor.”

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According to Harry, his 40-year-old brother tried to make amends after the confrontation, saying:[William] apologized later. It was quite an unpleasant experience.”

Earlier this month, Harry broke his silence on the 2019 incident in his upcoming Spare memoirs. In excerpts, the UK native claimed the controversy began after the Duke of Cambridge called Meghan, 41, “difficult” and “rough” before knocking him down.


“It all happened so fast. Very fast,” said Harry. “He grabbed me by the collar, tore the necklace and threw me to the floor. I landed on a dog bowl that cracked under my back, the pieces piercing me. I lay there for a while, dazed, then got up and told him to get out.”


Harry and William’s personal problems continued after BetterUp’s CIO moved to California with his wife in 2020. At the time, the couple shocked people with their decision to step down from their management positions.

While filming his Netflix docu-series, Harry opened up about how meeting his family turned into plans for his departure.


“[I] came in with the same offer we had already made publicly [about stepping down as senior working members]. But once I got there, they gave me five options,” he explained in a December 2022 episode, noting that Meghan wasn’t invited. “One being, all within, unchanged. Five people, it’s over. At the meeting, I chose the third option. Half inside, half outside.”

Harry continued: “It was terrible when my brother was yelling and yelling at me and my dad was saying things that just weren’t true and my grandma [Queen Elizabeth II] sit there quietly and kind of take it all in. But you have to understand that – from the point of view of the family – especially from their point of view, there are ways to do things, and its highest mission, goal, minimum responsibility is an institution. ”

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