Meghan and Harry Netflix trailer: Piers Morgan breaks up couple over ‘disgusting’ documentary series

I threw up the first time I saw the trailer for Netflix’s new Meghan and Harry documentary series.

It was so disgusting, so disgusting, so steeped in hypocrisy and fake hypocritical “woe-us” that I felt my guts physically clench with despicable disgust.


In short, I was sick.

So God knows what the royal family must have made of this, given that they are prime targets for this latest assault from their renegade California offshoot.

Imagine constantly bleating about privacy, including repeatedly suing news organizations for intrusion, and then doing a kiss-and-tell reality show about your private life?

Or endlessly preaching about compassion, but once again vilifying your family on worldwide television?


Ever since they left Britain and royal duties, we’ve all grown tired of the Suss*xes’ incessant whining about how terrible the royals are while simultaneously exploiting their royal titles for millions of dollars to the highest bidder.

But incredibly, this trailer ends with Markle saying, “When the stakes are so high, doesn’t it make sense to hear our story from us?”

I’m sorry?

Hardly a bloody week goes by without hearing their story in an interview with Oprah, on open-top bus rides with James Corden, in confessions to TV reporters “few asked if I was okay” or in unctuously self-aggrandizing podcasts. .


“No one sees what goes on behind closed doors,” Harry claims as an image of Meghan crying, holding her head in her hands while talking on the phone, appears.

In another picture, she is also crying.

Obviously what this series will be trying to do: portray this pair of infamous millionaire scammers as poor little victims horribly abused by monstrous royalty and nefarious media.

“I had to do everything I could to protect my family,” Harry mutters.



All he’s done is publicly incinerate his entire family over the past two years, and now he’s pouring more barrels of gasoline on the fire with this series and his forthcoming book. Spare (or “Spare Me” as I suspect most reviews will end…).

The hypocrisy of the couple is truly mind-blowing, but so are the malicious intentions.

The release of this trailer right in the midst of the new Prince and Princess of Wales’ first and vital grand voyage to America since the d*ath of Queen Elizabeth II is a deliberate act of cynical PR warfare designed to derail the visit and cause maximum damage. to the royal family.

I expect this from Markle, who abandoned most of her family in a ruthless flight to fame and fortune, and now manipulates her dumb husband into doing the same to his.

But for Harry to do this with his brother William is an unforgivable betrayal.


Every time I think the Suss*xes have gone as low as they can, they go even lower.

This is an absolute disgrace, and as I have said many times before, King Charles must strip them of all their remaining titles and strip them of any connection to the royal family before they destroy it and overthrow the monarchy.

This article originally appeared on Sun and reproduced here with permission

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