Meghan and Harry doko: expert’s stunning statements about Doria’s Netflix interview

Body language expert says Meghan Markle was in the room when her mom was interviewed for a Netflix documentary.

Doria Ragland appeared in the latest episode of the $154 million documentary series about daughter and Prince Harry that just aired.


In an interview, Doria says she’s here to share how “challenging” the last five years have been for her family.

Mom also says she wants her “voice to be heard”.

But Jesús Enrique Rosas, also known as the Body Language Guy, says Doria was nervous when she finally shared her side of the story – and he thinks it’s because Meghan was in the room. Sun reports.


Jesus explains that in the clip, when Doria is talking about her daughter, she is pointing to a certain part of the room where he thinks Meghan is sitting.


He also attributed Doria’s “nervousness” to her daughter being within earshot when answering certain questions.

Speaking in a YouTube video, Body Language Guy says, “I’m sure you’ve noticed that Doria is rehearsing her words in some way. [at the very beginning].


“She looks up and starts to say some words, we can’t know what she was saying at that moment – ​​maybe she hummed or sang a song to calm down? That would mean she was a little nervous.

“The gesture I wanted to draw attention to was when she was looking to the left – which she doesn’t do anywhere else – and she was smiling. So maybe Megan was by her side?

“The only two other signals are a slight pursing of the lips at the beginning and a slightly worried look at the end.”

The interviewer then asks Doria, “Start by introducing yourself to us.”


And she says, “Of course. My name is Doria and I’m Megan’s mom. And, um, the last five years have been difficult. Yeah.”

Jesús watched the clip and said, “We’re starting to see the first signals of nervousness – remember that we can’t infer body language with just one or two signals, we have to add them up to have a clearer idea of ​​what’s going on.” continues.


“In this case, she starts with her head towards the interviewer, it’s nice, she’s ready to be around.

“After, simply answering: “My name is Doria, and … the last five years have been difficult,” she throws her head back.

“Her head is thrown back, she resists a little – this is just one signal, but maybe she is camera shy?

“And one more thing is the quick blink when she says, ‘The last five years have been tough.’

Doria then says, “I’m ready for my voice to be heard, that’s for sure. A bit of my experience, you know, like her mothers. Yeah.”

Body language expert suggests, “It’s worth noting that these clips [of Doria] heavily edited because gesture and pose don’t match where one ends and the other begins. So we have to take that into account.

“At this point, we have several signals that she is nervous; note that she is trying to settle into the seat, she has a couple of signal shrugs, her left should come up [and down].

“When she says ‘a bit of her experience, you know, like her mom’, she looks one way, to the left in the same direction as her mom, referring to Meghan. It is highly likely that Meghan was standing next to the camera and lighting.

“Another signal that she’s nervous is when she repeats ‘you know how her mom is’.” Well, we already know that she is hers. [Meghan’s] Mom, this is weird, but maybe just nervousness.

“These signals of nervousness are important to take into account, because if someone is nervous, we should use this filter when we watch the next clips.”

It comes after another body language expert said Meghan should learn from her mother’s maturity as Doria became the surprise star of the show.

Meanwhile, more royal bombs were dropped in the latest episodes of the document.

In one episode, Prince Harry stated that his brother yelled at him during the Megxit crisis talks.

He also claimed that Charles lied during the tense meeting, while the Queen silently took it all into account.

The couple also spoke about the traumatic moment when Meghan suffered a miscarriage.

Then, in the last five minutes of the final episode, Harry admitted to “missing the UK and weird family gatherings” in a bombshell revelation when he revealed why he moved to California.

This article originally appeared on Sun and reproduced with permission

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