Matthew McConaughey’s Dancing at the Reese Witherspoon Wedding Was a Big Hit — He Knows

Usually the bride steals the show at her wedding, but it wasn’t Reese WitherspoonMarrying Jim Toth – All eyes were on Matthew McConaughey, sing 2 co stars have been good friends for years, so Witherspoon wasn’t mad at all that a fellow Oscar winner showed off her effortless dance moves at her reception.


The two reveal a cute wedding day story The Ellen DeGeneres Show On Thursday, where Witherspoon shared McConaughey Women over 65 years old swoon, “The day he stole my heart and everyone’s heart in my personal life, when he danced at my wedding with every woman over 65,” she recalled. “That’s the person. I mean, my mom might have died.”

McConaughey shouted, “We broke a sweat.”

“Yes, you have won the marriage.” legally Blonde Star joked. She was only joking, but it was clear that the two families have an easy relationship filled with lots of love and laughter. McConaughey admitted to having a “little crush” on Witherspoon when she starred in man on the moon At the age of 14. their paths wouldn’t cross until 2006, when she won an Oscar walk the Line, but “one of” [his] initial crush” turned into a lifelong friend.

In addition to his upcoming movie with Witherspoon, McConaughey recently announced that he won’t run for governor of Texas, but he’s still flirting with the idea. he explained that He’s Not Going To Say “Forever” To PoliticsOf course, he’s keeping it on his radar — which means a fun opening ball with his sleek dance moves could be in his future.

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