Matthew Gray Gubler Says ‘Criminal Minds’ Had an Incredibly Busy Filming Schedule

On a crime drama series like Criminal Minds, home viewers have roughly 45 minutes to explore each episode’s unique storyline, usually learning the “who, what, and why” by the end. This is hypersonic speed compared to the actual experience on set. This became clear when Gubler answered a question about how long his typical day is while filming the show. “Very demanding,” he said interview with George Satzidis. “That’s 11 to 2 o’clock every day, 10 1/2 months a year.”


And while you might think that Gubler enjoyed the weekend, working out the details of his character – like other creative activities – meant devoting time to both Saturdays and Sundays. “I usually spend most of my weekends studying weird dialogue because my character says a lot of weird medical terms,” ​​he said, adding, “I like to draw and paint and I direct.” This enthusiasm for directing began with the very show he spent most of his time on when he stepped behind the camera to begin filming the season 5 episode “Criminal Minds”. He went on to film 11 more episodes of the show.

As for his inner Picasso, Gubler launched Web site which features his own whimsical artwork that has been sold for thousands of dollars. In addition, he released a children’s book in 2019 called “Rumple Buttercup: A Story of Bananas, Belonging and Being Yourself”, followed by a line of merchandise “Rumple Buttercup” in 2022.


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