Matt Willis bursts into tears, revealing that alcoholism caused him to miss an important family moment

Matt Willis burst into tears after revealing that his battle with alcoholism caused him to miss an important family moment.

The former Busted frontman got emotional when he revealed he didn’t see his daughter’s first crawl when he drank.



Matt was heartbroken when he talked about his struggle with alcoholism.Credit: Instagram – @mrsgifletcher
He and Emma have three children together


He and Emma have three children together1 credit

39-year-old Matt is working on a documentary detailing the periods of his life spoiled by addiction to alcohol.

The bassist, who is married to The Voice host Emma Willis, has now admitted that alcoholism caused him to miss the first time his daughter Isabelle, 13, crawled.

Matt, who is also the father of 11-year-old Ace and six-year-old Trixie, opened up about his drinking battle with girlfriend Giovanna Fletcher.


He said that Giovanna, 37, I’m a celebrity star, is married to McFly vocalist Tom Fletcher, that his daughter’s lack of first crawl was what triggered his road to recovery.

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“When Isabelle was born, I stayed clean for a while, and then I relapsed again when she was about six months old,” he said.

“I kind of missed Emma’s birthday. She was in Birmingham and I was doing a TV show at the time.


“It was a closing party, I had a glass of champagne and went to the races that night; I showed up at her parents’ house at four in the morning, as if nothing had crossed my mind.”

“That was the worst,” Matt continued. “The next morning I realized what I had done. Emma told me that I missed Isabelle crawling.”

Gasping and holding back tears, Matt continued, “You know, she’s kind of a drifter and all.

“But I never, she never crawled – and she crawled that night for the first time, and I was in a pub with strangers.


“You know, I missed it, you know, and it really dawned on me that I was a terrible father.

“It kind of really hit me. I saw everything, this repeating cycle of shit, and it hit me like a ton of bricks.


“Everyone talks about falling to the bottom and things like that, and I’ve always been afraid of these words, because people die at the bottom, it’s scary to define.

“It was a turning point for me, I ran out of the house, I went down the road to this pub and didn’t go in, I had some equipment in my pocket that I threw in the trash can.

“I bought Lucozade, came home, got on my knees, apologized and said I’m sorry.”

“You know, for the first time I really meant it,” he concluded.

“It wasn’t so much about stopping, it was about being a terrible father and losing everything.”

This comes after Matt started filming a candid documentary about his alcoholism, due out later this year.

A TV insider said: “It will be equally personal for Matt as he has never delved into his past so deeply before, at least not publicly.

“It will show how some of his problems came from childhood, when his parents made him feel like he had to conform to male stereotypes.

“That included that boys don’t cry, which meant he never shed a tear until he was 29.”

The documentary chronicles his time with the boy band Busted, which formed in 2000 but disbanded in 2005.

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Matt won I’m a Celebrity in 2006 before moving on to television and performing in the West End.

It will also look at his relationship with Emma under the microscope and how marrying her in 2008 and starting a family changed his life.

Matt is thrilled that he misses his daughter Isabelle, who crawled


Matt is thrilled that he misses his daughter Isabelle, who crawledCredit: Instagram – @mrsgifletcher
Matt is the father of Isabelle, Ace and Trixie.


Matt is the father of Isabelle, Ace and Trixie.1 credit

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