Martin McCutcheon talks about the warm tradition of Christmas Eve and why the family opens presents before the 25th

MARTIN McCutcheon talked about her warm tradition of celebrating Christmas and why her family opens presents before the 25th.

The 46-year-old “Love Actually” actress is looking forward to spending time with her loved ones this weekend, including husband Jack McManus and their seven-year-old son Rafferty.



Martina McCutchen opens up about her Christmas traditionsCredit: Oliver Dixon
Martin pictured with husband Jack and their son Rafferty.


Martin pictured with husband Jack and their son Rafferty.1 credit

While most people will see what they were given on Sunday, Martina and her family will open some of them the day before.

When asked if she has any Christmas traditions or rituals, the singer revealed what they do each year during the holiday season.

Speaking exclusively to Kristen Bell Tattoos, Martina said: “We always light a candle for loved ones on Christmas Eve and we are all allowed to open one present at midnight…


“We are such children that we can’t wait!”


The star has already done a lot of Christmas stuff but can’t wait to enjoy delicious food and play games with her family.

Martina continued: “I’m so excited – we love Christmas! Rafferty is SO excited about Santa coming this year.


“I just love, love, love how magical Christmas is and the delight on his little face when he wakes up.

“Christmas for us is a lot of food, a lot of singing and a lot of celebrations in our house.

“One big thing is that we play a lot of games – anything! We have split into teams and we are all very competitive.

“If my mom wins, she usually sings “We are the champions” at the top of her lungs!


“We have already been to many Christmas places and love to play in the snow, so we feel very festive!”

While the EastEnders actress is looking forward to spending time with her family, she has a few thoughts about what she would like to see under the tree.


She admitted, “I’d love some new pajamas, some dusty blue silk pajamas, and obviously every girl loves jewelry!”

The mother of one child was very busy on the eve of Christmas.

She looked incredible earlier this month when she went out to London today to film something special.

She recently joined forces with Vodafone to allow theater artist Tanya Baga to sing again.

In 2020, a mom of two had to have her voice box removed after she was diagnosed with throat cancer.

But with the help of a smart instrument called the Electrospit, she was able to sing a Christmas carol for her sister.

The electric scythe was used with a high speed 5G network and Martina’s vocals.

Speaking about the campaign, Martina told us: “This is a great campaign in which VodafoneThe 5G network has allowed Tanya to sing with some amazing technology.

“Technology is a tool worn around the neck called an electric spit that picks up sound and allows the user to shape that sound into words and sing!

“Usually it is connected to an instrument, like a synthesizer or keyboards, but this time we used my vocals.

“Then they were sent in real time to Tanya, who was standing on the doorstep singing to her sister Mia.”

Martina rushed to help when she heard about Tanya’s bold story.

“When I heard about this campaign, I just had to do it. It really resonated with me – it’s such a great activity,” she said.

“Tanya inspires me a lot, and I have established a strong bond with her – I think we will remain friends for life.

“She has always loved to sing and act, went to college for the performing arts, then went to university, and has also been in a lot of amazing theatrical productions.

“Her story is phenomenal and I am so happy to be a part of this great surprise.

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The mother divided the opinion, admitting that she shaved her child's head

“Her sister was so stunned, I’m glad I saw a live reaction on the screen where I sang… although it was emotional and almost stopped my singing!”

  • Vodafone’s Christmas carol about 5G. Martina McCutcheon helps sing the first ever magical Christmas carol thanks to Vodafone 5G. #Together we can
Martina pictured with Tanya Baghe


Martina pictured with Tanya BagheCredit: Oliver Dixon
Martina is in a festive mood this year.


Martina is in a festive mood this year.Credit: Instagram/@martinemccutcheon
Jack and Martin have been married since 2012.


Jack and Martin have been married since 2012.1 credit

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