Married At First Sight’s George is looking for love again on Bumble after being arrested for alleged coercive behavior.

MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT British star George Roberts is looking for love again after joining dating app Bumble.

The reality TV star was arrested earlier this year for alleged controlling and coercive behavior after marrying on-screen wife April Banbury on dating program E4.



George has been arrested following his stay at MAFS UK this year.1 credit
Now he's looking for love after joining Bumble


Now he’s looking for love after joining Bumble1 credit

George, 40, has been spotted on the popular dating app Bumble as he searches for a second chance to find love after a failed show.

The star has created a profile on the site, which allows women to take the first step and gives potential partners 24 hours to respond.

He writes about it in his profile. MailOnlinethat he “wants to spend time with someone sincere with the same moral principles.”


The reality star also says that he will “happily send a video call or make a video call” to confirm his identity to potential fans.

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George is wearing a suit very similar to the one he married on April 33, as part of his Bumble photos.

This came after his relationship with the former Miss Great Britain ended when he was arrested for alleged controlling and coercive behavior but continued to deny wrongdoing.


Kristen Bell Tattoos reported that police launched an investigation into George after three of his ex-girlfriends expressed concern after seeing him on the show.

Three of his recent ex-girlfriends filed independent complaints about his alleged “obsessive”, “manipulative” and “abusive” behavior.

They were horrified that George could marry a stranger on the show, stating that their claims were initially ignored.

George has been selected by the pundits to take part in the current series of shows and has married former UK mistress April Banbury, whom he first met at the altar.


However, April revealed that she was lonely shortly after George’s arrest, telling her fans she was left with a “trauma” from the show.

“The injuries caused by this show made me reevaluate things. I really have, and I’m not ashamed to admit, since then I’ve been visiting a psychotherapist, ”she said.


The star remarked that “the show ruined her life” and added, “No one should apply until stricter background checks are in place.”

April said the couple broke up on August 15 after returning from a holiday in Spain, prior to his arrest.

She said: “When the show told me about the history of Kristen Bell Tattoos, I was told that I needed to be there to support George.

“I felt like they silenced me when I wanted to speak out. I feel completely overwhelmed. I have a wonderful welfare officer, but the crew doesn’t seem to care.

“It’s like, ‘Sorry your life is ruined, here’s the therapist, sort it out, put it under the carpet and move on.’ I’m angry.

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“They let this man into my life. I didn’t choose this man – they chose him for me.”

Channel 4 insisted that “it would not be true to suggest that April has been asked to take a stand against her will and we will not try to silence her.”

He admitted that he is looking for love again after the program


He admitted that he is looking for love again after the program1 credit
April told the show "ruined her life" after she married George


April said the show “ruined her life” after she married George.1 credit
The star used the wedding photo as part of her profile on a dating site.


The star used the wedding photo as part of her profile on a dating site.1 credit

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